3D Video With Consumer Cameras

While perusing our photos from the Hooptyrides, Inc. tour you may have noticed [Eric Kurland]’s two handed stereoscopy rig. It’s constructed from two consumer grade Sony DV cameras. The problem with using two separate cameras to make stereo images or video is that a lack of clock sync will make objects appear out of their true position because of differences in framerate. To solve this problem Damir Vran?i? developed the 3D LANC Master. It reads the crystal frequency from one of the cameras and writes to the ram of the other camera using Sony’s LANC protocol. This constant monitoring keeps the clocks within +/- 3ms. The control box also has buttons to power on, zoom, and record in sync. The 3D LANC Master plans are completely open source and work with a large number of Sony cameras. We have more photos of Eric’s rig after the break.

14 thoughts on “3D Video With Consumer Cameras

  1. How do you watch those videos? I managed do it by crossing my eyes but I had to try very hard (though I would consider myself well trainied in eye-crossing. Anyone remember the “magic eye” books from a few years ago?). I guess there must be an easier way to get the 3D impression…

  2. I didn’t see any reference to how this would be used to simulate 3-d. Would be great to see a 3-d projector setup. I have made plans but not sure if it would work. Play each “eye” of the video synchronized to 2 projectors with polarized filters rotated 90 degree angles to eachother. overlap the images on a screen then use polarized glasses with the lenses at 90degree orientation difference to see the different images in each eye. Pretty sure this is how IMAX-3d works.

  3. so, its like a moving 3d stereogram?
    i did a flip book for art class one year kinda like this, with two matchin SLRs and mirrors. the trick then was keeping my eyes crossed as the pages flipped. but once focused, it was friggin awesome.


  4. Couldn’t you just use an ordinary camera and then later on double what you capture with software? Is it just me, or is this idea of using two cameras sort pointless if you can just do that.

  5. I was wondering if you knew of an equation for triangulation – the relationship of the distance between the cameras, the angles of the cameras to the object, and the distance between the cameras and the object. Thanks

  6. Since I have designed 3D LANC Master I am curious how did they get synchronisation within +/- 3ms? I’ve got sync within +-0.01ms with a pair of TRV900E.
    However, it seems that newer SONY camcorders do not support frequency adjusting. So, 3DLM can be used only for initial synchronisation.

    ben, if you want to see in 3D you need to “show” left picture to the left eye and right picture to the right one (taken form position which is “righter” than the left one). Pictures should be taken at the same instant.

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