Leatherman punch-down tool

I just spent a little time dropping in some new ethernet jacks in my workshop tonight and stumbled on this handy little leatherman mod. I used the real thing, but I don’t usually keep one on me. [bluebomb] modded the giant redundant screwdriver on his wave to become a non-impact punch down tool.


  1. Aaron Andrusko says:


  2. ex-parrot says:

    putty knives and very thin screwdrivers also do this acceptably.

  3. dax says:

    wow that’s freaking cool. I just bought a wave and I’ve used it far more than I expected to. It’s heavier than I can comfortably carry in my pockets, but my jeans have a mini pocket (for change?) inside one pocket and it fits the leatherman just fine.
    I’m not a network techie but this mod is still a great use for that silly screwdriver/pry

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    I still carry a leatherman sideclip.
    The things are warranted for 30 years. I’ll get a new one when they stop replacing mine! :)

    That’s not a bad idea for getting some additional mileage out of that big flathead we so seldom use.

  5. DigitalMind says:

    I’m a phone technician and use these punch tools every day. It’s a very good idea you’ve got there, and I might do the same. However when I’m stuck without my punch tool, I just use any kind of credit card / debit card, whatever …

  6. cyanidin says:

    I did this a few years ago. I took calipers and transferred the measurements of the punch down tool to the leatherman screwdriver. A small grinding tool and a steady hand, and I had a good copy of the punch down tool. The old wave I used didn’t lock the screwdriver into position, so it would sometimes collapse under pressure. I am planning on doing the same with one of the replaceable bits in my new leatherman.

  7. chupa says:

    leatherman charge TTi ftw

  8. Dax says:

    I’m trying to find one of the new Leatherman Skeletools locally but everyone is sold out!

    Under 4Oz, perfect for everyday carrying.

  9. Jeff says:

    Paladin Tools and SOG make a multitool with an integrated 66 and 110 punch tool as well as several other spiffy data/telco tools built-in. This fact will not change my mind about doing this to my Leatherman, however…

  10. Orv says:

    Very cool.

    You aren’t a real telcom geek until you have your own punchdown tool and butt set. ;)

  11. Jason says:

    Perfect! I will be hacking up the ol’ multitool this weekend. Great instructable!

  12. Nick says:

    Can anyone tell me how wide the screwdriver used on the leatherman is. As im thinking of trying it with a gerber (just another brand of multitool, but similar quality to leatherman from what I hear, anyway I prefer it as its easier to get to the pliers).

  13. Alger says:

    I’ve been using one of the Paladin Tolls PT-540, which as jeff mentioned has the 110 and 66 tools already there. It’s been a really handy tool to have. http://www.powerplaytools.com/home.php

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