13 thoughts on “Leatherman Punch-down Tool

  1. wow that’s freaking cool. I just bought a wave and I’ve used it far more than I expected to. It’s heavier than I can comfortably carry in my pockets, but my jeans have a mini pocket (for change?) inside one pocket and it fits the leatherman just fine.
    I’m not a network techie but this mod is still a great use for that silly screwdriver/pry

  2. I still carry a leatherman sideclip.
    The things are warranted for 30 years. I’ll get a new one when they stop replacing mine! :)

    That’s not a bad idea for getting some additional mileage out of that big flathead we so seldom use.

  3. I’m a phone technician and use these punch tools every day. It’s a very good idea you’ve got there, and I might do the same. However when I’m stuck without my punch tool, I just use any kind of credit card / debit card, whatever …

  4. I did this a few years ago. I took calipers and transferred the measurements of the punch down tool to the leatherman screwdriver. A small grinding tool and a steady hand, and I had a good copy of the punch down tool. The old wave I used didn’t lock the screwdriver into position, so it would sometimes collapse under pressure. I am planning on doing the same with one of the replaceable bits in my new leatherman.

  5. Paladin Tools and SOG make a multitool with an integrated 66 and 110 punch tool as well as several other spiffy data/telco tools built-in. This fact will not change my mind about doing this to my Leatherman, however…

  6. Can anyone tell me how wide the screwdriver used on the leatherman is. As im thinking of trying it with a gerber (just another brand of multitool, but similar quality to leatherman from what I hear, anyway I prefer it as its easier to get to the pliers).

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