Mechanical white board

[Romado12187] just posted a walkthrough of his mechanical dry erase board project on Instructables. It was on display in the Microsoft booth last weekend at Maker Faire. Unlike [sprite_tm]‘s version we covered earlier, this one is built more like a traditional pin plotter. The construction was done entirely in [Romado12187]‘s dorm room and uses plywood and PVC pipes for the majority of the frame. The mechanical components were purchased from SDP/SI and the controller hardware are Phidgets. He included a joystick, but it also has a C# command line program for control. [Romado12187]‘s write up also has a lot of improvements to help make your first attempt better than his; buying a premounted board and being very exact in calculating motor power are recommended. Catch a video of the plotter in action after the jump.


  1. SleighBoy says:

    This project is screaming for a LOGO interpreter.

  2. Frollard says:

    Only thing I can think it needs is a counterweight for the plotter carousel moving in the Y axix…to fix the whole gravity problem.

  3. craig_jb says:

    maybe add software to automatically output images, plots, or text to the board?

  4. camerin says:

    um is this a big boys etch-a-sketch i am just currious cuz that would be awsome

  5. mikka says:

    If it was more accurate, i.e. some high quality stepper/encoder motors, I’d want to make a driver for it to plot from autocad. It could draw something like a simple house plan and then you could use dry erase to show people possible changes and whatnot.

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