Poll: Where should we go from here?

Hack-A-Day is looking to expand its coverage. We’re hiring fulltime bloggers and freelance how-to contributors. We have an idea of where we should go with the site, but we’d like to know what you, the readers, want to see more of on Hack-A-Day.


  1. the daniel says:

    oh and +∞ to #17

  2. Doug says:

    I understand “soon” is relative , but what happened to forum.hackaday.com and forum.hackaday.com or they abandoned ideas? Likewise I would vote for all as well. Even Product teardowns and reviews, the better posts here already contain an element of that, to a certain degree anyway. I wouldn’t be adverse to actual product reviws if they are pertinent to the hardware/ software hacker, or at least links to reviews others have done if the paid hackday staff can’t do the reviews themselves. On the topic of noobs a forum or wiki dedicated to help them would be pretty much useless if the “Elmers” don’t drop in often. That’s why I like email list servers and even Yahoo groups. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/hackaday/ has pretty much been sitting dead in the water, noobs AND Elmers get on over their. I don’t want to hear any moanin about Yahoo groups, they are what they are and if one sucks it’s because of the membership. BTW it’s not my group, I just want to see something to help the noobs out.

  3. cl3mens says:

    I liked the DIY synth tutorial you had a couple of weeks ago. Simple, easy and cheap things we all can do.

    I like the site like it is now, but more DIY:s from you would be great.

  4. sheff says:

    I love this site.I have done a few minor mods. but nothing really post worthy.I do have one suggestion though.A hack request page.I often come across items that look hackable but not sure if thy are or not.A forum would be a great place for the request area.And i do agree with most as not to add unneeded product reviews.

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