Fourth of July extra

Today is the Fourth of July in the US, where we celebrate our freedom by blowing up a small portion of our country. Embedded above is [Jory] and [Jonathan] doing it wrong by microwaving their fireworks. We think a good formula for this year’s celebration is wireless fireworks control, gas powered blenders, and CHDK’s motion sensing to get the perfect firework photo… and if we get really bored we’ll probably shove some LEDs in a hotdog.


  1. mikey g says:

    maximum oscillation!! xD

  2. alex mccown says:

    i dont think u can call them extras now that you have like 5 hacks ad ay

  3. strider_mt2k says:


    More beer and such for everyone.

    (such out back)

  4. BlizzardDemon says:

    “I think we decimated helga fromn sea to shining sea” XD

  5. smartchild says:


  6. jason says:

    just saw this ive seen this webshow before its funny

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