Real life Gears of War Lancer for zombie fighting


[SOC] posted this crazy real life Lancer, like those found in Gears of War, on the forums. You are seeing it right, that is a chainsaw bayonet attached to his assault rifle. We thought these were pretty cool, but this thing actually works. It can be seen on an AR15, pictured above, as well as a giant shotgun. We think the shotgun one would be better fitting for zombie hordes. Barney Fife seems strangely fitting for this picture. Check out a video of it in action after the break.

That’s not the most graceful or efficient method of opening a door, but it gets the job done.


  1. Rick Autry says:

    Hey MSL- Use an old Remington Auto-5 with the recoiling barrel (think rack and pinion)for the starter. Hey, you’ve got 5 rounds to get that thing started! lol

  2. Scott says:

    To Rick Autry:

    Dude – Now THATS an idea!
    Where’s my damn catalogs…?

  3. markitdown says:

    research and wikipedia? really?

  4. ZeUs says:

    Suddenly, trolls.

  5. Malikaii says:

    All photo links are broken on the host site.

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