Real Life Gears Of War Lancer For Zombie Fighting


[SOC] posted this crazy real life Lancer, like those found in Gears of War, on the forums. You are seeing it right, that is a chainsaw bayonet attached to his assault rifle. We thought these were pretty cool, but this thing actually works. It can be seen on an AR15, pictured above, as well as a giant shotgun. We think the shotgun one would be better fitting for zombie hordes. Barney Fife seems strangely fitting for this picture. Check out a video of it in action after the break.


That’s not the most graceful or efficient method of opening a door, but it gets the job done.

56 thoughts on “Real Life Gears Of War Lancer For Zombie Fighting

  1. Aw fuck someone beat me to it! haha, not that I think I was the first person to have this idea, heheh.

    very cool, nearly the same execution I was going for, only I got stuck trying to find a gas motor small enough, didn’t want to settle for electric.

    Too bad he could have probably kicked that door in as it was, without the chainsaw bayonet.

    Very cool.

  2. I think I’m the only one to have a red flag raised by the “Shotgun model would be more effective against zombies.” comment. Not the case, why would you want to use something that spreads the shot when it’s a blow to the head that kills a zombie? Not to mention that if you’re close enough for the shotgun blast to be effective, why not save the ammo and use the chainsaw?

  3. I can’t believe any “adult” would be stupid enough to pose for a photo with that – let alone waste the time building something so incredibly useless.

    //I remember when Hackaday had USEFUL (or at least clever) hacks – instead of this crap with gay wanna-be’s playing solder dress up.

  4. @arthur92710 yea they used to do that until they realized guns weren’t the cause of crime and that crime rates actually went up after that if you look at the numbers areas with the highest gun ownership actually have the lowest crime rates, no ones gona rob you if your armed to the teeth :]

  5. @jack: This depends on the type of zombie. A shotgun against TLD(The Living Dead) zombies would really only be useful for close encounters, but then, why else have the chainsaw bayonet? However a shotgun would probably be great for infected type zombies(28 days later) and possibly parasitic headcrab zombies.

    @del: this depends on your choke, but I seriously doubt that the spread widens so much so early after leaving the barrel. In fact I doubt even much separation from the wadding has occurred at that stage. Great idea for a high speed flash photography experiment!

  6. @jack
    you are absolutely right. Shotguns are oh so photogenic though. I mean a chainsaw wouldn’t be too effective against a zombie horde either, nor would a lawnmower wielded like a weapon, but if you’ve got to live through the apacolypse, you might as well have fun right?

  7. @jesse Good point. Something I’ve never really paid attention to. Part of my thought was that when I think “shoot a zombie with a shotgun” I automatically think of a sawed-off ;)

  8. @Jesse – they did this with the highspeed cameras on “Time Warp,” shooting shotgun shells into a bundle of balloons. The spread was surprisingly tight, it only popped two balloons that were directly in line with each other.

    Then they loosened the choke, and it took out the entire bunch at one time.

  9. I know that the theory is that your are being swarmed and can only be concerned about the zombies nearest you, but came to this page specifically to comment that the saw plus shotgun is a waste. As others pointed out, use the saw a close range.

    However, I did have an idea that would make this an AWESOME hack: Since it really needs a gas saw, find a way to use the recoil of the rifle to start the saw instead of having to pull start it mid-combat. There should be a switch so that you can shoot without starting the saw and then push the switch and your next shoot starts it.

  10. @msl: Interesting idea, although the gas system that operates the action may not be able to lose much energy before just jamming or not ejecting spent casings.

    Are there push button nitro motors for RC cars? I’ve seen one power a blender, dunno if it would generate enough torque(even with gearing down) to operate a chainsaw, however.

    @theblunderbuss: good to see someone knows what that program(and others like it) is actually used for, haha. Always a safe bet when even a pawn shop won’t take it…

  11. three problems:
    1:he could have easily kicked that door in
    2:a saw like that is ineffective or at least less effective than a bayonet in close combat/*think about it-it took him 26 seconds against shit ply: “hold still while i saw through your neck!”?*/
    3:uses: zombie apocalypse? are you kidding me?

  12. anyone notice the “self first aid video” by the same author. Appearently he cut his leg open with it aswell. I thought of making one of these. One becuase I’m a nerd two I’m an ex-grunt as well, but when I actually looked at layout of the gun. I saw it as very flawed and unsafe to use. I think in a combat environment it would be impractacle. Weapons already need a good deal of maintence aswell as chain saws. I think it would take way to long to dissessmble this weapon and keep it clean. Also the weapon is now twice as heavy. Guns are made to be held at the ready postion at all times. CQB is a large part of modern warfare and I could not see someone running through a houe with that to easily.

  13. oh shit man, you better email that guy and tell him all that shit. Wow and thanks loads, I was planning on making one, only with a gas motor, imagine how dangerous that would have been!

    damn, who would have thought a prototype chainsaw bayonet would be so dangerous, or effect how you use the weapon. Great call on that weight info BTW, it looked so light in the pictures.

    Too bad he won’t be able to sell this to DARPA or anything now. You better go warn him before he wastes his money at kinkos getting poster boards and shit for his presentation.

    damn, I’m so glad there are people in this world like to you tell us how dangerous and impractical our ideas are, good on ya.

  14. Wah, wah, wah. Hack-a-Day suxors… we need moar “cool” hacks. its his money and his leg, and his gun (i assume) so who cares. it is neat and probably detaches, I cannot imagine the bloke would have it lying around for any other reason than for kicks. oh and blokes mounting goofy crap to guns on ar15 forums are probably not to worried about “real” combat. we have actual weapons companies for that. perhaps if the guy put a web server on it, or made it run osx you kids would not whine.

  15. the thing everyone that’s questioning it’s power need to remember is that this is not a replica lancer. This is an AR15 with a small electric chainsaw attached. If you want something more “realistic”, you need to start with a gun the size of a motorcycle. This is just a fun idea, that looks badass enough to be cool.

    And if you think about it, you would need some kind of space-marine power armor to use a gun the size of a small motorcycle with a good chainsaw.

  16. A real shotgun is nothing like the ones in video games. Unless you’re shooting bird-shot through a cylinder-choked barrel, you’re going to be able to destroy anything closer than thirty yards.

  17. Hate to be the irrelevant killjoy, but just for future reference, hackaday, that is not an “assault rifle.”

    Real assault rifles have been essentially banned since 1934, and they are, for most people, impractical to legally acquire.

    Good day! =D

  18. Sry pal, after you’d chainsaw a living thing your gun would be nice and full of guts and chunks of flesh. And if you had it strapped onto an M4 or M16 a drop of blood would jam it (a lil excessive I know but they do jam really easily). Nevermind your gun, but you’d be full of infectious zombie blood, guts, flesh and possibly (depending on where you stuck the saw) fecal matter. mmmmmm… yummy!

    Also I don’t think that would have enough power to cut through bone like in the game, wood is one thing but human bone is a resiliant material.

    Don’t put it on a shotty. You’re that close already why would you need another short range weapon?

    But props to you for managing to fit a working chainsaw onto a real firearm!

  19. Oh and btw daler, shotguns are nothing like the ones in video games! they’re much more powerful and have a longer range.

    At 40 Yards, to a 30″ circle target with a full choke shotgun you place 70% of your shot onto that target. with 000 buckshot, thats just over four 9mm rounds into that target. That will f**k someone up bad and the effective range of shotguns can be up to 70 yards! do the research nextime buddy. I got the data from Wikipedia if u wanna check that out

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