Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R portable N64


Nothing says Christmas like Nintendo 64 and benheck forum member [SifuF] has a treat for you. His Nintendo Sixtyfree Lite-R stuffs all the guts of at Nintendo 64 into a compact handheld package. It features dual joysticks and triggers. The display is a PSone screen with all of the extra board trimmed away. The part that really makes this project shine is the case. It’s vacuum-formed 2mm sheets of polystyrene. Another nice touch was the volume and screen brightness. They’re adjusted by holding down start and then using the other buttons. It doesn’t have internal batteries, but can run off of a 7.2V Infolithium.

[via Engadget]


  1. roshamboe says:

    thats friggin sick, i want one

  2. ula says:

    i’ll take three!

  3. SOOPERGOOMAN187 says:

    I want one also. That is so sick it is unbelievable. Man if I could pull mods like this I’d remake the PSP completely. ( Am working on a 10X larger psp with my tv for 2009)

  4. WeblionX says:

    Unfortunately by using a c-stick instead of c-buttons you can’t do certain things in N64 games (Like using hidden vehicles in Crusin’ USA). You could probably make macros for it in the same way holding start lets you change volume and brightness, though.

  5. Nick says:

    EPIC! I want one.

  6. BenFink says:

    Props for Perfect Dark

  7. smbgood says:


    just need to include some controller ports so you can have some backseat golden shootouts ^_^

  8. th0mas says:

    Anyone have a good vacuum molding tutorial for making cases like this??

  9. ryan says:

    that’s one of the most impressive console miniaturization projects i’ve ever seen! seriously, nice job!

  10. andrew says:

    @th0mas: i think there are some on, try a search.

  11. mig says:


    try the forums in the case building section. there are a load of way better (in my opinion) portables on there as well.

  12. mig says:

    also, i can recommend portable building as a great way of getting into hacking. it’s what got me started.

  13. corntoe says:

    damn perfect dark was fuckin sick wonder why no sequel

  14. GMNightmare says:


    There was a sequel…

    Perfect Dark Zero for the 360…

  15. Flux_Pistol says:

    Are you selling this cuz i will buy this?

  16. $hadow84 says:

    Man, it’s so unbelievable, have you considered mass production so you can sell them?
    If you sell this little wonder, let me know I would buy it for sure?

  17. martin says:

    you know you should put the in a more comfortable position

  18. martin says:

    you know the buttons

  19. david says:

    i’d love to see a nintendo 64 controller with a DS sized screen built in that could play the games. that would be insane…. or atleast held the same way

  20. shawn says:

    let me know when these things are for sale all i do is play my n64 games and want something more portable just to have something not crappy and actually good with some good games

  21. cav says:

    hi love to buy this please email me on

  22. Matt says:

    Nintendo 64 portable:All.I.Want.

  23. Matt says:

    Pls everythings 4 sale or trade


  24. Matt says:


  25. Matt says:

    rofl quadruple post

  26. dope english says:

    i want to buy this yo hit me at if you have one

  27. Zane says:

    So frickin awesome I want one

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