VHS toaster


Though the inspiration was said to have come from a clip of The Young Ones, we all know this was bound to happen eventually. [lemonie] has turned a VHS deck into a toaster. They’ve done a fantastic job, it looks almost perfectly stock. We can imagine that maintaining the look of the VCR was pretty difficult especially getting everything to line up correctly. Finally, we have a use for our old VHS deck. You can see a video of it in action after the break.

26 thoughts on “VHS toaster

  1. I’d be careful eating the toast as I don’t think all those plastics are made to sustain high temperatures…there could be bad fumes coming out.

    Very nice thing though !

  2. Love the ringing of the plate in each slower take.
    What a crazy hack! Pure win!

    I be doubly sure to eat the plastic treated toast if I were you.

    -and would it kill you to put on some coffee?

  3. the betamax toaster made better toast but was limited to a smaller size slice.

    Also sony didn’t license the design and consequently didn’t garner the support of the butter or jam industries which lost them the breakfast wars of the 1980’s.

  4. the betamax toaster went the same way as HD-DVD :( sad faice.
    great minds think alike – the first thing I thought about was the plastics and hot burning fumes.

  5. “the first thing i thought about was the plastics and hot burning fumes.”

    he could have used an older vhs deck with an all-metal chassis, that would have solved the problem quite nicely.

  6. Ahhh, The Young Ones… :) Good memories…

    Anonymous Girls(walk into room):”Hi, Mike!”
    Mike(sitting in room):”Not yet, but I soon will be!”

    Anonymous Guy(Knocks on front door):”Mind if I use your loo?”
    Resident(Answering door):”Of course I mind!”
    Anonymous Guy:”Hmm… I thought not, that’s why I pissed in your garden.”

    Haha… Good stuff….

  7. Not true, the beta max was designed to handle European style bread slices at longer toasting times due to the “heavy” bread style of the period.

    I’d post a picture of the bread I speak about, but it’s not exactly easy to do when it’s currently unprepared and unable to be toasted… yes I don’t have a Beta toaster.

  8. If it’s anything like my old VCR it’ll be OK for a few months then suddenly it’ll begin to chew the bread up.

    Combining it with the VCR’s timer electronics would be great – it could then have the flashing 12:00 display, or be programmed to make toast at 7am every morning.

  9. Actually, I always thought that an NES toaster would be fantastic, but kept wondering how long it would be before the plastic would get melty. The “VHS” tattooed on the toast is a really nice touch.

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