Nerf sniper


a true hacker knows that you just can’t blow away the competition with a stock piece of equipment. Nerf warfare is no different. These guys did what they had to do to become the dominant force in their offices Nerf wars. They built their own high power Nerf rifle. Using some PVC, a sprinkler valve, and a bicycle pump, they made a Nerf gun that can fire roughly 300 feet. You can see a video of it in action after the break.


  1. Reezy says:

    replace that manual pump with an electric one and it would be much cooler. Also need to sit down and re-design the aesthetics/function form. Its clumsy looking and cumbersome, not to mention a pain to reload (40 pumps? geez!)

    Why not retrofit a supersoaker for this purpose? The water reservoir might make a great air tank (or replace it with something that will, think fire extinguiser/seltzer bottle/professional re-usable whip cream canister??)

    Then figure out the electric pump,compressor part,possibly even place the valve release where the trigger would be located?

    Aiming reticule?

    Otherwise great!

  2. Reezy says:

    Yea- A super soaker is a gun, with a bike pump already built into it.

    I do admit I have no clue how much air pressure the system/tank can hold, but I am betting that it can be easily upgraded.

    I do know that when you pump a supersoaker with no water, it shoots air………

    Upgrade from manual pumping is very important!

  3. Lambda_drive says:

    What about using a co2 tank from a paintball gun? If you design a bolt action for it you’d be able to get a lot more shots out.

  4. Dave says:

    Why not just USE a paintball gun and some of these (foam paintballs)?

    Oh yeah- and Jay and silent bob take up nerf. Except bob isn’t very silent.

  5. Hacksaw says:

    The PVC schedule 40 anyway can hold 100psi plus (assuming it’s glued properly) I built a confetti cannon based on a very similar design.Using wet paper towels as a wad and a golf ball as a projectile charged to 100psi I launched the golf ball 572 yards.Nerf wars + air compressor = severe injury.

  6. pc486 says:

    be very careful when using pvc as a pneumatic device! i’ve had a spud/tennis ball/whatever-will-fit-down-the-barrel gun fail under pressure at about 100 psi. I barely escaped serious injury (there was blood involved). the root cause was a hairline fracture at a joint that finally gave way.

    be save guys! never forget that pvc is not rated for pneumatic applications!

  7. sean says:

    wow, someone else shooting something with an air tank.
    this is new.

  8. Tristra says:

    Nice POC
    They could have get some neet ideas from the NERF N-Strike rifle and the super soaker

    Like the bolt action from the riffle I got one just to mod and this has inspired more mods. It is going to be a pain to seal the breach and keep the loader working but I think it could be worth it.

    Nice simple project though.

  9. K.P. says:

    This is lame. We all built something like this when we were 12. Search for boltsnipers Fast Action Rifle(F.A.R.) to see a really impressive homebrew nerf gun.

  10. Wwhat says:

    Supersoakers are hard to mod since they aren’t made from PVC which you can glue, but from the kind of plastics that you can’t glue, I tried to repair a leak once and man is that a pain.

  11. hcker2000 says:

    The main issue with supersoakers are the presure they will hold and like wwhat said, they are not easy to glue.

    You also need a fast acting valve to dump the air.

    A friend and I are working on upgrading it to use an electric pump.

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    I will have him join my band of merry men!

    Merry men…who…who build stuff…those guys.

    Very cool project.
    I’d like to use it to launch parachute guys with.

    (You can never throw ‘em high enough, you know?)

  13. fartface says:

    supersoakers can be glued, you have to use the right glue and know what you are doing.

    Foam paintballs are hard rubber foam, those make getting hit with a paintball feel like being tickled.

  14. David says:

    It’s always cool to see how far someone will go in office warfare.

  15. anon says:

    I still prefer the improvised Nerf crossbow-turned-sniper rifle: take one of the old crossbow models, remove the bow, replace the barrel with a slightly longer copper pipe, and replace the firing spring with an improved, more powerful spring and/or apply a heavy-duty elastic strap to the cocking pull-back handle.

    The hardest part is acquiring the old crossbow model.

  16. medix says:

    .. as long as the plastic is *not* lexan, it can be fused (literally) with most organic solvents (such as methlyene chloride). this stuff is a carcinogen (it’s rated a 3 for health), so take appropriate precautions.

    And why no bolt-type action with a slot in the barrel for loading? That’s a hell of a lot easier than removing the barrel completely.

  17. Kabuki says:

    This is lame. Anyone can build a spud gun with a 1/2″ barrel for nerf darts. I built a small ball valve unit that shoots Nerf balls. Same idea, not hard. Not worthy of Hackaday. This isn’t for office warfare, and no organized Nerf War would ever allow it. If you guys want some truly impressive home made nerf blasters, look at Makes this look like amateur night.

  18. strider_mt2k says:

    yes, kabuki, you’re the coolest kid in nerf town.

    good luck with that.

  19. Kabuki says:

    I’m not sure why you are bagging on me strider, I was merely commenting upon how this is not particularly inventive, impressive, or usable. Was this, perhaps, *your* project? Is that why you are becoming defensive?

  20. spindizy says:

    lol, nerds arguing about nerf guns. You all need to get laid.

  21. Wwhat says:

    I tried many kinds of glue when I tried to repair a supersoaker, and none worked, from PVC glue through plastic glue, universal glue, even epoxy, they say hotglue does work a bit since you are suppose to melt/weld that kind of plastic and the heat of hotglue does that somewhat, but even with hotglue I didn’t manage a connection that would hold for more than 10 minutes.
    I saw on discovery that they use ‘utrasonic welders’ for some plastic, I wonder if you could fashion one of those at home.

    Mind you I am not saying no glue exists, but it’s hard to find one for some plastics, that’s why they sell couplings that work by clamping at the hardware store for pipes made from PP, rather than glue-sock couplings.
    And that’s why such plastics are so handy too of course, since almost nothing really sticks to it it’s great for drainpipes for instance.

  22. Thats pretty intense, I made one also out of Flex ultra 3 inch pipe. I inly build it to about 160 psi or les than 60 pounds of pressure. It shoots tampons… (dont ask) It can be pressurized in many diffrent ways, Pistol C02 canasters or straghit up air pump. Its pretty fun and tampons arent the only thing you can use as ammunition of course.

  23. strider_mt2k says:

    @ Dj_Cereal_Killer:


    Using absorbent cotton ammo you can immediately treat the wounds you inflict!


  24. oh wat says:


  25. ms pacman says:

    Thats awesome – not lame bro!

  26. Nerf Guns says:

    This is an awesome mod — thanks for sharing.

  27. Leithoa says:

    Hopefully I don’t double post,
    but look into For future pneumatic designs, as it stands your current design is fairly inefficient(air resevior is too big). Small caliber air guns work better at small chamber volumes and higher pressures. Also a purpose built valve(either DIY or bought) will increase your fps since it will dump the air faster.

  28. Anomnyous says:

    A pump placedlike a shotgun pump would be cool, I’m planning on making a shotgun-sniper.

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