Hexapod Helicopter


[Kiethrobot] built this six legged little helicopter. You can see that it is fairly mobile. You can also see that it doesn’t really make it off the ground really well.  He must have gotten more power out of it though because he destroyed it in a crash the day after filming this. It is surprising how much character those six little legs add to the RC helicopter. This thing is almost as cute as something from crabfu.

[via BotJunkie]

24 thoughts on “Hexapod Helicopter

  1. As others have mentioned, it wasn’t quite balanced, so full-throttle would probably have flipped it. It’s nice as a first prototype though.

    I would like to see this done with a quadrotor. Wouldn’t have to worry too much about shifting centre of gravity, and the gyros and/or accelerometers would let you use dynamic balancing, like a bipod or something.

  2. did anyone read the description?

    “unfortunately the flying is not autonomous yet and I don’t know how to fly an RC helicopter. I crashed it the next day”

    I didn’t take off a helicopter straight up first time I had flown.

  3. I’m not an R/C helo pilot either, but I do know that the co-axial units (one rotor on top of the other, spinning in different directions) are more stable. I would guess they would give you more lift too (although that might be offset by the more complicated inner workings).

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