IntoGrafix: portable TurboGrafix

[Bacteria] tipped us off to his latest portable system mod called IntoGrafix. The TurboGrafix-16 was awesome when it was released. the graphics were, compared to Nintendo, astonishing. Its games were these little cards, like a thick credit card. [Bacteria] wanted to revive his old one in a more portable fashion.  He designed a custom case to fit the whole thing into, which is pretty impressive itself. The screen is the trusty old PSone screen.  The last time we saw a TurboGrafix, it was in a mini Arcade cabinet.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    Remarkable work as is evidenced by this remark I’m making right here.

    emulators, shmemulators, this is some really incredible work.

  2. Red Five says:

    Um, wasn’t the portable TurboGrafix-16 known as the TurboExpress Portable?

  3. smyd says:

    Do any turboexpress still survive?

    Anyways this is a great idea. A. the games are being played relatively legally, B. you can possibly start adding support for other systems.


  4. svofski says:

    Hmm what do you mean by “relatively”, smyd?

  5. bile says:

    My TurboExpress still works just fine. And I’ll say the graphics were far better than the NES. Dracula X, Lords of Thunder, SF2CE? Looked better than the Genesis.

  6. PocketBrain says:

    I have a TurboExpress, albeit it is now broken. :-(
    Far superior to Game Boy, Lynx, Game Gear, even arguably GBA. Used the same game cards as the standard console version, which was very convenient. Ate batteries; I had to sacrifice a set of alkalines to finish Bonk’s Revenge or leave it plugged in; had two sets of rechargeables, one always on the charger.
    I didn’t “take it out from time to time.” When it was working, I had it out every day, but it hasn’t run since 2005.
    I like the idea of the bigger PSOne screen!

  7. jtag says:

    TurboExpress does the same thing – still got mine, boxed, in mint condition (with it’s bigger cousing the TurboGrafx 16)

    Blaser Lazers FTW

  8. jtag says:

    that would be “Blazing Lazers”, heh

  9. smyd says:

    @svofski, because the games are software. You don’t necessarily have the right to use that software on unlicensed devices.

    It depends on many contexts and depends where you live.

  10. thecauseandeffect says:

    remarkable construction but pointless when considering the turbografx express

  11. thecityspiders says:

    It is redundant to make a portable out of the turbogafx16,yes. But the redundancy ends with notable modern improvements like the added screen size,and better batteries.Would be nice to emulate that on a DS/lite or a some other portable media device with decent performance.on a ds there are two screens so one of the screens could be the game gallery select menu/settings/debug/ etc

  12. I too was taken aback by the redundancy of this hack given the existence of the TurboExpress, but the added features are worthwhile.

    I wouldn’t mind a portable NEO-GEO… But the size of the cartridges really negates any chance of portability, lol

  13. Thanks for the comments guys, appreciated.

    The screen size of the PSone screen is 5″ which is far bigger than the TurboExpress, which to me is important as it allows better game immersion and also less eye strain. It also uses integrated Li-ion cells which are far better than NiMH cells!

    It was a fun project to do.

  14. Hirudinea says:

    I’m getting tired of Famicom clones, get some factory in China to start building this (with about 100 built in games of course.)

  15. smartass says:

    Looks store-bought. (y)

  16. Scott says:

    I have a TurboExpress, it still works just fine all these years later.


  17. waffleking101 says:

    I still have my Turbografx, amasing system. What were your favorite games?

    Mine was Splatterhouse

  18. Galaga ’90, Gradius, Bomberman ’93 and ’94, Salmander and others. Great system!

  19. cantido says:


    You can get PSRAMs big enough now to make a decent SD card -> PSRAM -> Neogeo device… so you wouldn’t have to carry carts around. However the smallest of the MVS boards is still pretty wide.

    Or just buy one of those Dingo A320 things to play the 5 or 6 neogeo games that were actually any good.

  20. Hitek146 says:

    Awesome project! I couldn’t find one single reference to where he obtained the case “blanks” that he modified, though…

  21. The case blanks I made myself, made a vacuum forming table and mold, and made some cases. It’s documented on my WordPress site and how to do it!

  22. MrAfterFx says:

    Yes great work Bacteria! I tipped this site on my portable ps2 and they havent uploaded it yet.

    I love the design that allows you to grip it in different ways depending on how you play, having options are always great especially if you are wanting to sell it. But I don’t have to ask you about that!

    If you guess want to learn how to make portables of your favorite consoles please don’t hesitate to visit, we can help you get started :).

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