Old equipment repository

[Swake] tipped us off about a collection of old equipment. The site is packed full of various hardware that was used for electrical and chemical testing, metering, and experimentation. You could use this to identify the dinosaurs found in backrooms of college science departments, or draw inspiration from it. The next time you’re laying out a panel, or working on a steampunk-ish project go to the source to achieve that vintage look. Some of these remind us of the control panel on [Steve Roberts'] bicycle.


  1. jimmx says:

    dude this site is great!

  2. fabi280 says:

    Hehe, we are still using some of these things at school :D

  3. GCL says:

    I actually used that Transistor testing marvel shown on your screen.

    Tek developed a real mainstay. As it happens Tek makes some of the best o-scopes on the planet. Agilent however sells the best programming language on test gear….

  4. Munden says:

    Nice. They even made the website look vintage.

  5. Chambers says:

    In my city we have The American Museum of Radio and Electricity. It’s a rad place, and a Low power radio station KMRE lots of good oldies.
    http://www.amre.us/ check it out!

  6. Plenty of the vintage test gear here for the collectors. Over 20,000 test equipment items in stock dating back pre-1950s.

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