Hey Man, You Seen My Turntable Around Here?

It’s all fine and dandy to have a turntable that sounds great, but [Mike] wanted one that looks great too. He build the transparent record player above and loved it for a little while. When his interest in it waned he built another, then several more. They all have some element of transparency to them, and each is a work of art. Makes us wonder how often he needs to dust his house to keep them looking so good.

Is turntable technology too advanced for your tastes? You can stick with your Edison cylinder, we won’t make fun.

[Thanks John]

8 thoughts on “Hey Man, You Seen My Turntable Around Here?

  1. Very stunning!

    This would work great in really any room because it could absorb the light around it.

    It may be cliche but throw a couple colored LEDs on there and I think it would make for a really interesting piece when the lights are out.

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