CES: USB 3.0 Behind the scenes

We know a couple of you have been asking about the tech behind the show, and we managed to spot an FPGA (in this case, the Xilinx Virtex 5) serving as the core of a demo between two SuperSpeed USB Solid State drives. It was used as both a USB 3.0 hub, as well as being used to time the file transfers and get accurate speed reports. The Hi Res Shot is also available.


  1. Andrewr05 says:

    Cmon now, you can surely put up a high resolution shot can’t you?

  2. mic says:


  3. James Munns says:

    A link to the original Hi-Res was provided.

  4. tweaq says:

    Who’s the jackass that brought USB B to the table?

  5. Quan-Time says:

    nice find.. quite a simple solution for what they wanted. Found any other interesting “behind the scene” stuff which is cool ?

    Surely you can find some abomination hack which a 10yo kid can put to shame.. Lazy booth design = bad company..

  6. Eric Huang says:

    Where was this found? USB-IF Techzone? VIA booth?

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