CES Update: CES Badges

In a previous post we had given one of our badges out to [Bre Pettis] at the MakerBot booth. We have been called the “Skull Guys” around CES and were stopped multiple times by people that did not know of this site. [Bre] got an extra of the size we are wearing around. [Leo Laporte] received the very first prototype which he promptly placed in his mouth. The badges are made from natural ABS plastic in [Devlin]‘s CupCake CNC machine. There will be a post-CES follow-up with the release of the STL files to make the badge on Thingiverse as well as a step-by-step breakdown of the build process.


  1. sillyzombie666 says:

    i want one

  2. Whatnot says:

    “natural ABS plastic”, say what now? But I guess it’s true, there so much plastic crap in the environment that it’s ‘natural’ to current generations.

  3. BioSehnsucht says:

    I believe ‘natural’ in this case refers to it being undyed (uncolored).

  4. darknightiso says:

    where can I get one. haha

  5. rich says:

    Where can I get one? Will you be at HOPE? Can I have one before thennnn?

  6. CircuitMage says:

    Yeah, would look cool sitting in tools bin.

  7. BananaMan says:

    wow, i really want, ive been looking on this site for months in aw of what ive seen as had inspired me to make some cool things but i have not really bothered to make guides or send any in but i may do so soon. i would really want to buy or make one of these tho! i would wear it everywhere quite litterely

  8. BananaMan says:

    wow i made some errors there sorry im in aus its like 10:30 and i only just woke up lol

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