Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s dream ride

While surfing one of our favorite websites, we came upon this little jewel. We can’t really tell if this is hack-worthy, or just a deathtrap, so to help decide…

Mechanics crawler + 80cc motor – safety concerns = deathtrap

It’s really that final “Brakes? Why would I need to stop?” that puts this project over the edge. Regardless, check out a video after the break. And please, do not try this at home.


  1. Ren says:

    The “Evel Knievel” art on the crash helmet is apropos.

  2. hunternet93 says:

    Might make a good robotics platform… Or a way to win a free ride to a hospital (or morgue).

  3. localroger says:

    The fact that they end the vid with a slide that says “Death Cart V3 — yes it’s dangerous” would seem to indicate that they understand the hazard.

    But the real prize goes to the fellow shown about halfway through who is riding it face-forward without a helmet.

  4. TheCitySpiders says:

    More powah OHOHOHOH!!!
    seriously bad ass build , congrats … now just don’t end up being in the next Darwin Awards® ,K?

  5. mowcius says:

    Nice build and obviously some good skills. I would have made something not quite so death device like!

    Maybe a bit wider and a bit more in terms of brakes :p


  6. LD says:

    that looks like it would be fun in the service shop

  7. nubie says:

    Still much safer than the turbonique rocket karts



    how does 1000lbs and 1500lbs of thrust hit you? how about a 6 second quarter mile with a 215mph trap speed?

    It does have brakes, but they only work below 100mph, and both the kart and driver wear parachutes!

  8. nubie says:

    I love it, just add brakes (although it looks like these guys could just drive into the field and roll off it)

  9. The Moogle says:

    i like how there isn’t a chain guard on that thing.
    Lets hope someone with long hair doesn’t ride it. or their pants or shirt get snagged in :-D

  10. mrgoogfan says:

    run it off a ramp

  11. bob says:

    second the ramp idea, was thinking through the whole vid if it could take the impact.

  12. deyjavont says:

    A friend I had in grade 5 died from being thrown into a tree from a go kart without brakes (he was wearing a helmet) that some jackass built, same as this.

    I love the part (1:40) where the wife and toddler are watching thier father trying to kill himself. What a great role model.

  13. deyjavont says:

    And my friend wasn’t the driver, either. It was a 2 seater

  14. Mikey says:

    It’s like a present that you give to your enemies, still though, it clearly needs MORE POWER.

  15. Gilberti says:

    It’s like a luge board…

    …that works in the summer…


  16. wtfmate says:

    this has been around for a while. get with it hackaday, stop posting old shit

  17. Q-gyver says:

    Well, at least they are wearing a helmet, sometimes. Hey, natural selection, right?

  18. jeditalian says:

    would like to see this video recreated with a wheelchair instead. maybe after he gets run over at an intersection, he will mod his wheelchair :)

  19. jeditalian says:

    i would feel ok riding it with long sleeves, a full face helmet if im gonna ride on my belly because fuck sticks

  20. Pete says:

    “While surfing one of our favorite websites, we came upon this little jewel.”

    Your favourite website contains shit like this? http://thereifixedit.com/2010/03/11/epic-kludge-photo-failure-to-adapt/

    On Topic: this project looks appropriately dangerous; nice work.

  21. chuckt says:

    Where would you drive it? My neighbors would complain about the noise and the police would be called. They would be here in about two minutes.

    It would be more impressive if he was driving around in a cage to protect his body. I know a nurse who has to tend to motorcycle riders who need skin grafts because they fall off their bikes and slide on the ground until they don’t have any skin left.

    I could easily go to Pepboys and buy a toy motorcycle and it might be safer than this creation. I think even a go kart with a bar would even be safer than this creation.

  22. SoundwaveHi says:

    I’m pretty sure this is still safer than shoehorning a K20 into a late 80’s Honda civic hatch, and not changing anything else…Trends make me giggle…Props on the build tho, it makes me wanna break out the welder and see if I can make something even more dangerous. I’m thinking some thing one wheeled, with a samurai sword, and a rabie infested mongoose duct-taped to the front like a hood ornament…

  23. Mike D. says:

    Danger is relative to one’s current situation. An infantryman in Afghanistan would love the relative safety of this vehicle cruising around suburbs free of IED’s. How about an aviator ending his mission without a landing? We owe it to these brave men of the military to live life on the edge now and then and fight the powers that will conspire to foam-pad this great country.

  24. Hirudinea says:

    His next project is going to be a laser etched plate in his skull, sexy!

  25. deyjavont says:

    @Mike D.

    What country?

  26. therian says:

    safety safety safety safety….. what wrong with you people, did you parents raise you in soft walls room like in mental institution

  27. jeditalian says:

    @Pete someone stuck 7 wires in a ps/2 port, 3 of them going to no connection. all the comments say 6 wires because ps/2 has 6 pins but they didnt look closely at the picture. so the 3 unused wires could theoretically be separating the others like 1x2x3x4 in the usb plug, but i’m pretty sure the person just did it for the pic and it didnt really work.
    but stupid shit is often funny shit. ima have to explore their ‘favorite website’

  28. 85.2FM says:

    “Don’t try this at home.” Lies! Heresy!

  29. Cole says:

    True, therian, very true. That’s what makes it fun, is the danger of it. Humans are pretty good at healing.

  30. M says:

    I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight knowing that somewhere an adult is doing something unsafe in full knowledge of the consequences and possibly enjoying themselves in the process.

    However, I’ll sleep a little easier knowing that there are commenters who care enough to conspire to protect a grown man from himself and his unsafe ideas.

  31. Jerome says:

    And people said that I was crazy with my scooter?


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  33. ipad apps says:

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