Store update: Bags, Pads, and possibly badges.

Some new products have worked their way into our hands and are just waiting for some awesome Hack a Day logos to be put on them. We’ve added a couple bags, some huge mouse pads as well as normal ones, and we’re considering adding the Hack A Day badge. You’ve seen the badges before, when we took them to CES. [Devlin] estimates that the cost would be $25 each before shipping. We would like to get some feedback before he starts pumping these things out. How many of you want one?


  1. Yamell says:

    I like, is a really cool design, I do want one

  2. echo says:

    i want one of the bags looks awsome guys =]

  3. h3po says:

    Many communities offer shirts, bags and mousepads but the thing is I don’t want to buy one of these because the quality is never good enough for everyday use, especially with these bags. It would be cool though if you’d sell the vinyl cuts to put on our own bags and shirts, so the base is individual and one could use something else than standard american apparel. And this would be cheaper for you as well, not having to get a stock of the base goods.

  4. Patrick says:

    I dig the badges, I’d wear one to work, (IT geek). But see if you can get the cost per unit down, $25 for a hunk of inanimate plastic is a bit much to +rep a web log. Mehby LED light up eyes for the skull?

  5. Patrick says:

    oh and the logo on the mousepad needs to be bigger.

  6. Osgeld says:

    yes the logo could be bigger on the next run, and is that a super large mousepad, or a super small mouse? almost looks like it would fit under my model M keyboard

  7. zing says:

    The mousepad in that picture is 17″ x 13″!

  8. Smerky says:

    What material is the big mousepad?

  9. Drew says:

    Wow- I really needed a new large commuter bag for class- that’s exactly what I wanted, in solid black, shoulder sling with flap, and with that awesome contest-winner Hackaday circuit logo.

    These are really nice products Caleb- I’m picking up one of those commuter bags as soon as I get my paycheck- sweet!

  10. Che says:

    Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges…

  11. cvzero says:

    25.00 for a badge ?!?!?!?!? How freaking big is it ? As much as I’d love to buy a hack-a-day logo badge 25.00 is just waaay too much to spend on such a small thing. Unless you’re planning on making them in sterling silver or something. I’d buy one if the price was 15.00 or less if we’re talking about something approx. a couple inches square. Any bigger than something that would look good on a pc case or project enclosure and I wouldn’t want the gaudy thing.

  12. Osgeld says:

    good point! you need pc case badges

  13. So…wait…

    $25 to basically carry an ad? I love you guys, and check in several times a day, but you’re all a bunch of crazies.

    The bag looks like a good start though. Keep trying some new stuff! If you offer something I couldn’t “hack” together at CafePress for half the price, I’d be in just to support ya. :)

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      You can’t get our cut vinyl stickers or pressed vinyl bags and mousepads at cafepress. They to DTG, so you also won’t be seeing much white on black. This is good feedback on the badge, thanks!

  14. sarsface says:

    Wow, Cafepress much?

  15. Rob says:

    $25? Are these being individually printed with a rapid prototyping machine? Make a silicon mold and pump them out for like 50 cents! This is hack-a-day! DIY!

  16. leonardtj says:

    I totally want one, I am gonna hack some red led’s in it for eyes.

  17. leonardtj says:

    hey how about some vinle decals for our cars/laptops maybe a 3×3 or 4×4

  18. Osgeld says:

    “$25? Are these being individually printed with a rapid prototyping machine?”

    why yes they are, cool but still good point

  19. Osgeld says:
  20. Joshua says:

    I, like everyone else, think that $25 is crazy, no matter what logo it has been shaped into. I’d go $25 with some individually-programmable tri-color LEDs, or $15 as it is now, just because I love you guys.

    The bag, on the other hand, is epic, and I want one. I am going to aggressively prototype on the aggressively prototype bag.

  21. Joe Blow says:

    We need a Hack a Day Coffee Mug!

  22. das_coach says:

    i do want a mousepad and a bag, but do they ship to germany, too (and how much shipping would that be)?

    sorry for my bad english, greetz from germany,


  23. Stewart says:

    The mouse pad gave me an idea. What about some HaD branded anti-static mats.

  24. Che says:

    At $25 the badges should be wifi connected and change color to alert to new HaD posts.

  25. svofski says:

    $25 is the sum of a minimal Shapeways order, worldwide delivery included (sans Russia of course, who is surprised). Guess that’s the source of price estimate.

  26. Lee Johnson says:

    For the badges consider using a service such as to do injection moulding instead of individually printing them. The tooling cost would be quite high but if you plan on making more than a few it may be worth it. They have freeware CAD software available on their site (windows only unfortunately) which estimates the cost for an item based on the material and process you specify.

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      @svofski and lee johnson,
      Devlin makes the badges himself on his makerbot. That’s what makes them so cool! Check out the links in the post for more information on that. We realize that they are fairly expensive, that’s why we are asking instead of just producing a ton.

      Yes, we ship to germany. Just order like normal.

  27. jukus says:

    +1 large Mousemat

  28. Bender says:

    Why not just put them up on Zazzle or Cafepress? Costs nothing to have a graphic-designed item available to anybody who wishes to purchase one…

    Unless, of course, you’re looking at doing a superior product of some sort–in which case, Zazzle/Cafepress/etc would still give you a free and accurate gauge of demand.

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      Neither of those sites do custom cut vinyl stickers. That’s how this all started. I personally make stickers and offered to do them for Hack a Day. The shirts and other stuff are also all from my personal equipment. You’ll also note that white on black is fairly expensive in those stores (plain t-shirts being almost $20).

      In short: I have all the equipment at home and do custom freelance stuff. why not use it for Hackaday. I sell to anyone, ship to anywhere, and can even customize your order if you ask really nicely.

  29. Nick says:

    I’d buy one of those badges for maybe 5…

    Even better, why don’t you just host some 3d printer plans for free?

  30. Domonoky says:

    I printed a badge myself, costs only a few cents of plastic and a bit of waiting. :-)

  31. Zelka says:

    I would love to have that same badge design on a keychain!

    Although as it stands, it is too expensive, but maybe others would like it!

  32. Coryan says:

    Wow, those badges are incredible…but $25 is a bit steep!

  33. Cicero says:

    Hoodies Hoodies Hoodies!!!

  34. Will says:

    I would definatly buy the bag! A hoodie is another awesome Idea! Maybe a keychain Badge thats also a wi-fi finder.. Mousepad I like it.

  35. capnboost says:

    I was hoping for a case badge.

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