Build a beach winch for wakeboarding

beachwinching itself is a hack of common wakeboarding. No waves? hrm... lets hack something together.

Here’s a build log for  a nice beach winch for your next trip out to go beachwinching. Beachwinching is when you use a fast winch on shore to pull you in, allowing you to wakeboard, wakeskate, or water skii without the need of waves or a boat or jet ski to pull you along. While there’s nothing amazingly groundbreaking here, we do love a nicely documented build log. We think a remote way to initialize the pull would be nice too.

You can catch an example video of beachwinching after the break


  1. Hurz says:

    If you can get your car close to the water, you can also use a wheel rim.
    related Video:

  2. Chris Muncy says:

    Great project but I HATE projects that are posted on Instructables: Too many pages to dig through.

  3. terribledamage says:

    you must be kidding mounting it on a truck like that, it would break the hell off

  4. Lostafinger says:

    How about a chain guard – talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen. Nice build though.

  5. noexit says:

    Winches have been used for around 7 years, so this is nothing new, but is something that hasn’t shown up on hackaday before. This build is not optimal as it uses a centrifugal clutch. Everyone who knows how to build a winch will now use a Tav torqu-a-verter (think CVT), which improves winches pull strength to a night and day difference. If you want to build your own winch I suggest that you go to the wakeskating dot com forum and hang out in the winching area for a while.

  6. yagi says:
  7. hacky97 says:

    It would be more HAD when you would make your own “Tav torqu-a-verter”, When you hang out on a forum and build it from parts or buy one, I would not call it a “hack”.

  8. Tod says:


    You’re correct. This isn’t a hack and HAD specifically mentions why it’s here.

    Quote from description: “While there’s nothing amazingly groundbreaking here, we do love a nicely documented build log.”

  9. Rockout101 says:

    I was the person who posted the winch build on instructables. I have more winch plans availible on my website THanks for the comments.

  10. Patrick (not the right-wing one) says:

    I prefer beach wenches, thankyouverymuch.

  11. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    So what do you do when the line snags around your ankle or wrists or neck and keeps pulling you along?

  12. I was kinda wondering that? Just curious, but what about when a little kid gets in the way? I dive, and they are always getting in the way of my safety lines

  13. skot says:

    If the rider falls (or gets the rope tangled, etc) the driver kills the engine.

  14. JB says:

    ‘Tis true that winches have been around for a long time (hell, I built one myself about three years back), and they are great fun on places where a proper boat or a jetski can’t get to (think ditches, canals or balancing ponds).

    Using them on the beach is good fun, but the salt water ruins the frame and drive components after a while. If you want something that lasts, use a non-corroding metal (Mmmmmm Titanium) for the drum and frame, and fit a water guard to the back of the drum so that it directs spray away from the engine. Oh yes, and make sure you wash the line after use.

  15. walt says:

    cool. but I really hate instructables.

  16. If you do not like instructables the same winch plan is posted on my website. http:///

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