Shutter remote for RICOH cameras

[Toby] wanted to have a remote shutter trigger for his RICOH GR III camera. This brand doesn’t have a dedicated port for remote operation but a bit of research allowed him to build his own trigger. The camera’s USB port is used for triggering but not using the USB protocol. Instead, a pulse pattern on the 5V line identifies the half-press, full-press, and release states of the shutter button. From there it was just a matter of wiring up a circuit centering around an Arduino that leaves room for a lot of expansion into realms like¬†photo automation.


  1. mjrippe says:

    That’s THREE Arduinos in a row – watch the TSR* go crazy!!!

    *Troll Sniffing Rat

  2. BiOzZ says:

    wow brilliant i would have never thought of that!

  3. hawkeye18 says:

    Well at least now it’s got blog cred.

    The next logical step would be to program in an intervalometer.

  4. stiphy says:


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