Hackaday weekly roundup

In case you missed them, here are our most popular posts from this week:

First up is [Bertho's] Pointless Switch machine. This machine is yet another take on the ‘most pointless machine’. It looks like his server couldn’t handle the load from his video so he moved it over to youtube. You can find it here.

Next is The DIY nuclear reactor, which links to a project by a fellow who was silly enough to post his nuclear experiments online. You can imagine how that went…

This week’s most popular post was the tutorial created by our writer [Brian Benchoff]. In this tutorial, he shows how you can insert your logo into a still-readable QR code.

After that is this post showing how you can resurrect your IBM model M keyboard to use it as a bluetooth device.

Finally, we wrap up our roundup with a brainwave disruptor. This device allows [Rich] to experiment with light and sound to see how it affects brain waves.


  1. 1000100 1000001 1010110 1000101 says:

    I greatly approve of a weekly roundup post…thanks guys! Separate tag, perhaps?

  2. prem says:

    top idea.
    somehow i missed that model m post

  3. Jeremy Cook says:

    Yeah, good idea I think.

  4. PJ Allen says:

    Anybody know the name of the font used for the “Weekly Roundup” heading?

  5. Dalebert says:

    I gotta say that HAD has taken a round turn in the last few weeks. As much as I enjoyed reading the troll posts, the clean comments are an improvement in my opinion, and it really seems to make the rest of the HAD experience better.

  6. HARaaM says:

    Trolls hungry, please…

  7. error404 says:

    Yay, more useless posts from HaD in my feedreader.

    Would it be possible to exclude these from the feed?

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