Dustbin computer lets you clean and prototype with a Neato XV-11

So you bought yourself a Neato XV-11 and your floors have never been cleaner. The only problem is that you want to hack around with the hardware without losing your floor-sweeping minion. [Hash] found a solution to the issue by building a computer inside of the dustbin module.

You can see at the center of the image above a touchscreen. Normally this is just blank plastic, as it’s the removable container where your floor sweepings go, but [Hash] was inspired by the modular design. Since that bin is intended to be removable, it’s a perfect way to make add-on hardware removable. All he needed to do was find a way to connect to the Neato’s own electronics. The solution was a non-standard USB cable.

Using the guts from an Insignia Infocast 3.5 (he picked several of them up on clearance at Christmas) he  milled an opening for the touch screen, added a cooling fan, and wired up a toggle switch (not pictured above) which powers everything from the 14-17V coming in from that USB cable. The Infocast is a Chumby with a different branding so there’s plenty of Linux-based power and it’s WiFi enabled. Watch [Hash's] walk through video after the break to see all that went into this clever concept.

We haven’t seen too many hacks that make use of the Neato XV-11. [Hash] is the same guy who hacked the Lidar on the unit, but there must be others turning out impressive projects. Don’t hesitate to send in a tip if you know of one.


  1. Volkemon says:

    Um.. I thought it was 5v.. Guess I better click the #$^% link, eh?

    video down…

  2. Volkemon says:

    quote didnt come through… ” which powers everything from the 14-17V coming in from that USB cable”

    take 2…

  3. Hash says:
  4. OldMacBoi says:


  5. third says:

    Looks like the Jaguar has received a serious demotion since failing to meet management expectations in the 32/64-bit era.

  6. xorpunk says:

    There is a lot of cool stuff to do inside the atmel, most people want it for the boring planner algo though..

    I don’t think anyone realizes the FPGA has OCD..

  7. JC Dac says:

    PC on stick Android computers should work? iMito MX2?

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