Hackaday retro submission: Browsing with an Apple IIc

We’ve had the retro edition of Hackaday up for about a week now, and already a few people have sent in a few neat builds that use an ancient computer to pull this page up. The latest comes from [RetroAppleFanToday] who used an Apple IIc to browse the Internet.

To load our humble retro edition, [RetroAppleFan] used a serial connection between the Apple and a Mac Mini to get a terminal running on the 30-year-old computer. From there, it was a simple matter of running lynx to browse the Internet.

There are a few more retro submissions cataloged on our retro successes page including a NEXT cube. If you have an old computer lying around that can pull up our retro site, don’t feel shy about sending it in; it’s pretty much guaranteed to get a mention.

As far as the development of the retro site is going, we’re posting 5 random stories every day. There’s a script to generate the front page every day, but if we get enough complaints or compliments we may just generate a new front page for every visitor.


  1. Colecago says:

    God, I remember Lynx. Got free internet from the college but we had to login through their service and use Lynx. I used to browse video game sites for cheat codes. And I had to go to pages without frames, frames were bad news.

  2. Anybodysguess says:

    Is a Dell inspiron 7000 old enough to send in.
    300 Mhz processor
    upgraded to 512 MB ram
    upgraded to 10 gig HDD
    upgraded to windows 2000

  3. hunternet93 says:

    I’ll be loading up the retro site on my Televideo 925 dumb termial tomorrow (assuming it gets here OK).

  4. John says:

    The NeXT went through a lot more hoops than I expected to view the page. I remember their being browsers for the platform and surfing via one.

    It seems like if there is a browser for the platform you should use the browser for the platform instead of pretending to be a dumb serial terminal?

  5. beaglebreath says:

    oh thank god. Now i have a reason to surf with my zipit

  6. 9a3eedi says:

    Eh, connecting to a more modern PC via a serial terminal and using that PC’s text-based browser to open the page? That just sounds like cheating to me.. it’s not the same

    I was expecting him to use some kind of ethernet adapter for the Apple II and then connecting via an Apple II program (telnet?) to the webpage. But I guess that would be much more difficult

  7. rue_mohr says:

    bah, the IIc wasn’t connected via a closed circuit modem with a PPP channel to a linux machine as a router?

    good job tho!

    I’d have jumped on it, but I’m not into writing a html browser in BASIC :)

    I wont put away the IIe yet.

  8. Aud1073cH says:

    I still have a ][e and ][c.

    Begs the question: which is better for browsing, serial or an uthernet card?


    • Josh Malone says:

      If you can get your hands on one I’d highly recommend the uthernet card. I only have a IIc left (chucked my IIe collection before my last move, drat) so I’ll have to go the serial-PPP route. Still plan to do it eventually, but low priority for now.

      /me breaks out the Zaurus next :)

  9. soopergooman says:

    ahh the days of UHA1…….

  10. ChalkBored says:

    Lynx works well enough on the regular hackaday site.
    I’m using it right now.

    If I had something sitting around that wasnt’ capable of running a modern OS, I’d gladly send you a picture of it loading your retro page.
    But since I don’t all I can do hope you keep it around since I like the idea.

  11. James says:

    Is this really a IIc, or just an emulator? How was this Youtube video made? (to which this article links)

  12. bosteter says:

    If we are going to allow the VMware entries – like Explorer 5, then we can do all kinds of stuff. Not really cricket without the actual old hardware. I wish i still had the old 386 I used Arachne in Linux to surf the web in the 90’s.

  13. earlz says:

    Bah. You don’t carry any support of the Gopher protocol? What a shame

  14. oerdoeg says:

    Would it also be cheating if an AVR32 running an embedded Linux and Linx, hooked up to an SPI-ethernet controller and built into the Apple II case?

  15. Aaediwen says:

    I’ve got some hardware on order for my own submission.

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