Inventor of the 555 timer passes away

August 15th 2012, the news was reported that [Hanz Camenzind], the creator of the 555 timer, has passed away.  We are all familiar with 555 timer, but many of you may not be aware that [Hanz] also created the first class D amplifier. Actually, he had over 20 patents under his belt as well as a few books.

He is survived by His Wife, Daughter, and three Sons.


  1. Zhen says:

    I guess his timer was up.

  2. Per Jensen says:


  3. Rob Thomas says:

    Is there another IC created in 1970 that is still in use?

  4. th3badwolf says:

    May he Rest In Peace

  5. This is truly sad news. I remember cutting my teeth on 555 circuits.

  6. welcometothechango says:

    I will always remember the 555!

  7. Mike says:

    I dedicate my 3rd year R-2R ladder DAC IC design project in his memory.

  8. Ray J says:

    Hanz may have passed but the 555 lives on. God bless you…

  9. prestopasto says:

    Sad day.

  10. messmaker says:

    He made a mark on many of our lives. R.I.P

  11. dbear says:

    Maker of probably the most versatile analog (mostly) chip in the world of electronics. RIP Hanz

  12. FrankenPC says:

    :O He invented PLL? My overclocked PC sheds a tear.

  13. jonny says:

    Hans, though?

  14. DanAdamKOF says:

    I’ll use an autofire game controller in his honor.

  15. polar bear says:

    this actually made me really sad :(

  16. SoftGil says:

    Another loss for mankind. :(

    He was brilliant!

    RIP Hanz. You’ll be remembered!

  17. ultrasounder says:

    PDF alert. I consider this a Must read to anyone thinking of a career in Analog circuit design. MOst of it is Bipolar, but is still applicable to sub-nano CMOS nodes. A truly beautiful mind. RIP.

  18. Bubba Gump says:

    R.I.P. I remember actually working at a Radio Shack, when the 555 primer was a pamphlet you could buy and we had to study.\

    By Forrest BTW…

  19. Nigreats says:

    First finding myself in electronics 555 was the first ic i work and play around with…Hanz has impacted greatly on many generations……… Bravo! Bravo!! Bravo!!!

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