Toorcamp: The Tesla Gun

We discussed [Rob]‘s Tesla Gun in the past. At that time, the build looked very impressive, but had not been fired yet. Fortunately, [Rob] got the device working and brought it to Toorcamp. He took the gun out every night and demoed the handheld Tesla Coil by having volunteers catch the streamers with a knife.

The gun uses a cordless drill battery for power, and a flyback transformer to generate the ~20,000 volts needed to drive the coil. The power electronics module was designed to be easy to replace, and [Rob] had extras at Toorcamp in case he burnt one up. [Rob]‘s build log is very detailed, and definitely worth reading through. It explains how he cast the enclosure out of aluminium, built a custom porcelain high voltage switch, and designed the power electronics.

While this build should probably get a “do not try this at home” label, he definitely created something unique. We’re looking forward to when [Rob] shows the gun off next.


  1. JamieWho says:

    Came here hoping to see a working version of a Warehouse Agent weapon by the same name. Not disappointed. :)
    It is a little larger than the version on the show, but still awesome.

  2. Grovenstien says:


  3. Elias says:

    No video? Kinda pointless…

  4. Tom the Brat says:

    I thought of Warehouse 13 too!

  5. UltimationEE says:
  6. steve says:

    isn’t a terroid an awful top load to choose when directing the energy? i’ve seen one person who used a full size Tesla coil that directed it’s arcs through an acrylic tube with argon flowing through it.

  7. dbear says:

    Walk down the street with this and NOBODY will mess with you. Except the cops – and they’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

  8. Michael says:

    And now makes for the possibility of developing a portable light-saber prototype.

  9. geekmaster says:

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