Volt meter clock also displays the temperature

[IronJungle] got around to putting together every tinkerers favorite project: a clock with a strange way of displaying the time. For his clock, [Jungle] took a trio of voltmeters and turned them into a clock that displays the current hour, minute, and second on custom paper dials.

[IronJungle] connected a PIC 14M2 microcontroller to a DS1307 real time clock to keep track of the current time. As for display, [Jungle] took a trio of volt meters and wired them in to the PWM outputs on his PIC. With this, he was able to precisely control the position of the needle in the meter, and thus display the time.

In addition to displaying the time, [IronJungle] added a small temperature sensor to his build. By pressing a button below the seconds display, the clock is able to display the current temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.

After the break you can check out a time-lapse video of [IronJungle]‘s voltmeter clock going through the hours.


  1. Dissy says:

    I’d like to be the first to say here, that clock looks awesome! Job well done.

  2. jobgg says:

    The Volt meter clock shows the current time.

    I somehow enjoyed that pun way beyond its appropriate hillarity.

  3. bothersaidpooh says:

    Haha, thats bad :-)

    Now someone should do this with VFD VU meters.
    I have a few here but unfortunately they are all unmatched so can’t be multiplexed.

  4. wilson skataaloot from across the street says:

    yowww!!! go time!! go temp!!! yes!!!

  5. d hamilton says:

    >>[IronJungle] connected a PIC 14M2 microcontroller

    I think this should say,
    “[IronJungle] connected a PICAXE 14M2 microcontroller”

  6. rsyoung says:

    Great Project!

    Just wondering where you sourced you 0-2V panel meters. I haven’t been able to find that range.

  7. rue_mohr says:

    So who can be the first to turn a clock into a volt meter?

  8. roderick young says:

    I’m actually interested in your other project, the one where an analog clock displays a voltage. Specifically, how did you make the coupling from the stepper motor to the clock knob? Thanks – roderick young
    My email is .@lycos.com

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