Hackerspace Grand Opening Tonight In Portsmouth NH

The Port City hackerspace will be opening its doors tonight at 7pm for their grand opening party.  Judging from the pictures on their site, they’ve actually had the space long enough to get the tools set up and even do a few projects. This should be a good way to jump start the membership though.  Like most hackerspaces should, they are offering classes to people to educate them on the use of the tools and proper safety.

They have the usual full shop, but they also have a designated bike shop, where they will have several custom bikes on display. If you’re in the area, you should be sure to swing by and check it out. You are assured to at least get some delicious bar-b-que out of the deal.

18 thoughts on “Hackerspace Grand Opening Tonight In Portsmouth NH

  1. Damnit!! I live like 45 minutes away, but I just don’t have the gas to make it there :(
    I’d really love to go to this event. This would be SOOOO freaking cool. Looks like I’ve got 6 hours to come up with some cash. Too bad all my money lately has been spent on classes and car repairs :(

      1. I’m actually not that far out of your way. I live in Manchester, right near the Kelley St. Bridge… or also right next to Pinardville.

        I am working on something to get up some cash so I can go, but if it comes down to it and nothing comes through for me then I’ll respond on here by 5:15ish to let you know and I’ll post a way for you to contact me. Either way, expect to see me there. and I’m sure I will stick out like a sore thumb.

        Thank you very much man. I greatly appreciate your offer.

  2. The bike shop aspect is a good angle. Bikes require special tools, and good bike stands aren’t cheap.

    In Seattle, Wright Bros bike shop operates a co-op. Members get unlimited shop time on 4 or 5 repair stands and access to all the tools necessary to fix your bike. I think they’ve been doing this for many, many years (couple decades?).

    As expected, that came in very handy when I was in town and without a place to work on my bike (plus tools). But what surprised me was how cool the shared workspace was. The group aspect of working on bikes together is Really Cool. And it goes without saying that you learn a lot from other folks.

    The bike repair aspect could be a good addition to any hackerspace. And if there is the energy to go beyond repair to building frames, so much the better!

  3. yes! unfortunately i work tonight ( plus GW2 early access start is at midnight) or i would totally be there! i called and asked about their electronics involvement and was told about custom lightsabers with sound controlled accelerometers!! sounds like fun. combined with arduino and rasbpi classes coming up definatly hope to get a membership!

  4. im hoping to get to go check these guys out. i have been a HaD and various electronics site lurker for years and just purchased a teensy so im looking to start learning more and getting involved in the community. just hope the man releases his clutches on me before the events over. gotta love salary tech support jobs……

  5. I just got back from the grand opening. Pretty nice little shop that they have there, and they have lots of plans for even more things. I met quite a few people there, including neorpheus. Quite a good group of people. It was a pleasure.

  6. yep, as deadly said, its a kool little set up they have. and as an added bonus (that i noticed on my way out) they are right across the street for an ace hardware store. and with hosting a machine shop and wood working shop that is one heck of an added bonus.

  7. Damn, I didn’t notice the hardware store. How convenient.
    neorpheus, keep in touch man. I’m sure you and I will have plenty to chat about, hang out, and have a couple of drinks sometime.
    My email is deadlyfoez@yahoo.com

    P.S. Sorry I didn’t see you and say goodbye before I left, but it was time to go bc my kiddos were getting quite unmanageable. Have fun man.

      1. I was wearing a grey bandanna and my t-shirt that has “Hello my name is… DeadlyFoez”. I was dealing with my 2 kids most of the time. They are autistic and a little bit of a handful, but I did try to mingle with people as much as possible. I was hoping that I would have been able to meet you.
        Send me an email when you have your grand opening. I’d love to come by and get to know your group of people. It’s always a good time meeting other creative people.

    1. yeah sure thing man. and yeah when fred caught up with you right before you left i saw the kids gettin a little antsy so no worries, i was quizing the guy with the scale mail jacket on where he scored it, i know how kids are tho, i should anyways with one of my own haha.

      1. Being that you have some good linux experience, I’d love to pick your brain some time. Hopefully we can both learn some things from each other.

        Take care man. It was nice to meet you.

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