Man proposes to girlfriend with an arc reactor


Thinking long and hard about how to propose to his girlfriend, [Ed] hit upon a great idea: use an arc reactor as the ring box, with enough LED lights to outshine all but their love, and servos to present the ring and tug at the heartstrings.

[Ed] set about giving his now-fiancé from his arc reactor heart by building a simple circular arrangement of adafruit RGB LED strip and an Arduino. There are two modes for this arc reactor: a light up mode that simply looks awesome, and a ‘ring mode’ that uses two servos to open the front cover and bring the engagement ring into view.

After [Ed]‘s fiancé said yes, the cover in the center of the arc reactor closes for its continued use as a desk ornament. You can check out [Ed]‘s proposal contraption in action after the break.


  1. KillerBug says:

    That’s a great idea…if she hadn’t liked it then he would have known it was not meant to be.

  2. polossatik says:

    lovely, nicely done and i’m glad she said yes :)

  3. aeni says:

    according to statistics you’ll get divorced anyway.

  4. Singed Eyebrow says:

    LEDs are not “arcs”.

    I wanted to see plasma. Ideally confined by a magnetic field.

  5. Even more awesome because his girlfriend appreciated it.

  6. FrankenPC says:

    I thought you were going to say: shoot your girlfriend in the chest with metallic fragments then offer her the life saving arc reactor only if she marries you.

  7. 0/10: no arc

  8. IndianTinker says:

    Awesome Build..The catch was the servo-ring mechanism.. Better attach High Voltage Shock Circuit that gets turned on if the Ring is not picked up in a certain time..Its like saying- “You Rejected Me? Now face my Wrath! ”

  9. Golddigger says:

    Palladium Ring on finger painful way to die…eh eh eh.

  10. Stonewall says:

    Needs more zelda treasure chest opening sounds.

  11. shrumby says:

    Your hacking days are over now my friend.

  12. DosX says:

    Well this was interesting.

  13. Tony says:

    Totally. Rocks.


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