Tickle-Me-Elmo… Frozen In Carbonite

elmo-in-carboniteWe at [HAD] love any hack that combines children’s toys with science-fiction technology, so seeing a Tickle-Me-Elmo “frozen” in [Carbonite] is a definite win in our book. It’s also a great argument for joining your local Hackerspace, or just getting together with some like-minded friends. This idea came out of an impromptu brain-storming, or “talking about crazy ideas session” at the [Baltimore Node] hackerspace.

Fortunately [Todd] had access to all the tools necessary to make this “crazy idea” a reality. A [Shopbot] was used to cut out the box, and the side panels were 3D printed with help from these files on Thingiverse. For processing, an [ATtiny85] programmed using an Arduino was used to power this project.

There’s no mention of whether [Todd] would be willing to part with his creation, however, we would guess that there would be no bargaining with him. He’s not going to give up his favorite decoration easily.


  1. strider_mt2k says:

    You can’t talk when you’re frozen I’m Carbonite. Everybody knows that.

  2. vonskippy says:


    “Whatever” in Carbonite jumped the shark last century..

  3. Hack Man says:

    Looked like a giant phallic shaped object at first glance. After seeing what this does, I might just prefer that!

  4. m_a_s says:

    Awesome! Totally awesome!

  5. Tom the Brat says:

    What an appropriate thing to do with Elmo!

  6. jmanring says:

    Nice. Another video shot in portrait.

  7. soundman98 says:

    was an arduino really needed to flash 3 led’s?

  8. aztraph says:

    it had to happen sometime, DO A SMURF NEXT!

  9. kb says:

    Laughed my head off at the picture…

  10. josh says:

    It would be nice if these “hacks” had some detail instead of just a poor-quality video of what the thing does.

  11. Bryan says:

    That image is horrifying

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