1. The voice and the animations in the video reminded me of the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center

  2. Hack Man says:

    This needs to be immediately adapted for pornographic uses.

    Virtual. Blowjobs.

  3. Geebles says:

    That camera, I want! Anyone know the company/make/model/anything about it? Have been looking for something like that for a while (without ripping apart a kinect)

  4. XOIIO says:

    “Anywhere in space”

    Except behind it lol. Neat though, turning a vortex gun as a user interface

  5. nyos says:

    I can’t find that article, but I’ve read about it like 5 years ago.
    There was a working model of a system that used a matrix of ultrasonic (maybe piezoelectric) transmitters. When the system wanted the user to feel an object somewhere, it just sent out waves that were focused on that particular spot on his hand (a bit similar technique modern fighters use in synthetic aperture radars).
    In the demo a guy was feeling raindrops and other objects.
    I think that was a much better technology, because it already had multiple pixels, and was capable forming various waves (not just a single vortex at a time).

    Finally, I found it:

  6. Roy van Rijn says:

    Disney is doing a lot of cool things, also check out this video:
    “Computational Design of Mechanical Characters”

    They use a program to calculate gear linkages based on the final movement of mechanical characters. Probably allowing them to just ‘print’ the gears and prototype all the characters!

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