Another Arduino clone is the last thing the world needs


One might think the last thing the world needs is for The Great Old Ones to rise from their near-death sleep deep in the Pacific ocean, and begin again their reign over Earth.  Actually, the last thing the world needs is another Arduino clone. Here’s this one. Fittingly, it’s called the Ktuluino.

Actually, this isn’t yet another attempt to build an Arduino clone that adds nothing to existing designs; it’s just [Jeff]‘s attempt at PCB design. He needed something to practice on, so why not something that ends in -uino?

The board is just about as simple as Arduinos come – an ATMega328P is the brains of the outfit and also the most expensive component, closely followed by either the power jack or the header pins. As an exercise in PCB design, we’ll give this a thumbs up, but this could also be used for an ‘introduction to soldering’ workshop at a hackerspace, or alternatively a coaster.


  1. mjrippe says:

    Sure he did a good job designing a board, but you’re really baiting the trolls here!

  2. BiOzZ says:

    does anyone even buy or use a clone? i have never seen one of any significant price cut to official boards

  3. DJneo says:

    black pcb’s <3

  4. Wow, just about all “Arduino hater” talking points neatly wrapped up in a politely written article. Well, maybe Brian missed “coulda bought it cheaper at XYZ site” or something?

    Personally, I think it’s pretty smart to practice on something simple and useful and easy to test as a first PCB experience. Sure, you could try to make something ultra-small and uber-complex, but if you’re just learning how to use the software, something simple is a much better way to learn without burdening the whole process with a lot of other stuff. And when the board is made, it’s easy to find out if it works… just try using it on an already know-good Arduino project.

  5. Tadpole says:

    Why isn’t there anything about coffee in this post?

  6. MobileWill says:

    Yeah my first PCB was a Arduino Shield for my robot. I have come a long way since then. Using Arduino as a reference I was able to learn a lot about designing my own and now I make designs based on the Leonardo, embedded as part of a product.

  7. Maxzillian says:

    Actually, an Arduino coaster sounds like a great idea. They’re common and cheap enough, why not? The question is… what could you make it do?

    I’m thinking change the color of a ring of LEDs dependent on the temperature of whatever is on it. The big question is could it feasibly be powered off a thermoelectric cell?

  8. Per Jensen says:

    Mhz ?

  9. madefrutos says:

    Why are you so cruel? If you do not like the board, do not post it on your blog, but nobody wins with his irony and lack of respect for the work of other colleagues. I was disappointed. The maker community can do it better than this.

  10. somun says:

    This is not a clone. It lacks the USB (connector and the adapter chip)

    • hojo says:

      good point, although you can use the Arduino environment to program most of the ATMega chips, so it’s really only a distinction of having the FTDI off-board. You can actually use the Arduino for the same purpose to program another ATMega chip (the 6/8 pin Tiny series for example).

  11. Haku says:

    It’s not a real Arduino unless it’s blinking an LED.


  12. Jonnyw2k says:

    Is it me or is the icsp header in the wrong place?

  13. It IS awfully pretty, and awfully clean, though. Me gusta. The ISP header could use to be in the standard spot though for shields that need it.

  14. hojo says:

    I’m ready for an Arduino with some usable mounting holes.

  15. Exit151 says:

    I’m just glad it wasn’t another coffee machine related article.. What were there, 6 articles practically back to back about coffee??

  16. wardy says:

    This board is mentioned in Appendix C of the Necronomicon.

    I’ve not seen our Magnificent Overlord’s name spelled “Ktulu” before. Which H.P.L. story is that from?

  17. Person17 says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m just getting fed up of the increasingly demoralising tone of HackaDay posts. First paragraph is rude, second paragraph tends briefly towards acceptance, then there’s the last paragraph and that coaster comment.

    Sorry, couldn’t find the post from a few weeks ago where almost every comment was ‘too far, guys’ but with luck another commenter can?

    Please can you guys give it a rest with being horrible? We read enough of it in the comments.

    • jstylen says:

      Seconded. This is pretty bad. I read the post in disbelief. Its one thing to give constructive criticism but this is really just too far. This guy went out and designed something he’s proud of and you just stomped all over it and basically called it a useless redundant piece of shit. Personally I think they did a good job on the project. As other comenters have mentioned its not perfect but its a good try and they are doing it to learn not to come up with something new and perfect.

    • Deg says:

      I think the writers have succumbed to hedging the posts against the the comment trolls :)
      (lowest common denominator?)

    • Rob says:

      I didn’t read it that way at all. I read it as partially tongue-in-cheek and partially realistic of the limited scope of the project, but not at all disparaging. Sure, it wasn’t all puppy farts and unicorn rainbow glitter, but I don’t thing Benchoff was being critical or demeaning… some of the commenters, sure, but not as many as I expected.

      You can read anything through any filter, but ascribing malice doesn’t always mean it exists.

      • jstylen says:

        “..or alternatively a coaster.” He called it a coaster! How is that not disparaging?

        • Timmy The Troll says:

          I really think YOU’RE demeaning the hours of labor and fine craftsmanship that goes into quality coaster manufacturing by saying the comparison is disparaging

        • Rob says:

          I believe the coaster line was tying this write-up in with the stream of coffee-related posts that had been going on prior to this one. he could have said “… a coaster for your coffee” but then that would have been too obvious. comdeic subtlety gets lost if you’re not following along. And let’s face it, there are easily 10x more arduino clones in existence than actually in use as microcontrollers… so the odds are quite good that some are doing time as coasters of some sort or another…

      • Person17 says:

        Critical is good. From a management training document I read recently, criticism is best in a ratio of three good things to each negative.

        In this post, the author isn’t being critical in either a positive or negative sense. He’s just being mean. Intention can be somewhat beside the point in a public space.

    • notmyfault2000 says:

      I felt it wasn’t mocking the project so much as making fun of all of the douchebags that are always all like “Oh. Another Arduino thing” despite having nothing to show for themselves.

    • It is clear that some people didn’t click through and read the words or the creator of this board. If you had the tone of the HaD post would make more sense.

    • Nick Savage says:

      Agreed. Getting tired of the slip toward this tone. If I wanted that level of snarky crap I could/should waste my time on reddit or something instead.

  18. Poedeo says:

    Idiots, all bi*ching about what benchoff wrote… go READ TFA!

    If anything, he’s committed plagiarism rather than any sort of malicious act. :P

  19. polytechnick says:

    I don’t need USB (using AVRISP) and I don’t need voltage regulators (2 of them!) in 80% of the projects I do using Arduino, so why the heck not Ktuluino?

  20. Mickey says:

    Another Arduino clone is the last thing the world needs

  21. Pit says:

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