Game of Light


Hyperrealistic graphics may be the standard for gaming, but Game of Light (Warning: Loud video volume) is a welcomed detour into vivid, low-res delight. Built for a course at the University of Oslo by [Abdimaalik], [Martin], [Andre], [Eivind], and [Stian], Game of Light has a handful game options, some of which allow up to four players. The build uses eight DE-DP14211 LED dot matrix boards, each with 32×16 bi-color LEDs and a built-in HT1632C display controller to handle the multiplexing. They are mounted together to form the 64×64 resolution display.

The box was custom-made out of what we suspect is acrylic, and uses some 3D printed pieces to offset the top from the bottom and to hold components in place. SNES controllers send data to the Arduino, which also runs the games and feeds the display controllers. Buried in the mix are two fans to keep the components cool. Everything is open source, so race to Github for source code and the games.

For another LED matrix project with a lot of gaming potential, check out [Brad's] PS2 mouse interface that lets him interactively draw in real-time.

[via Brad's Projects and NudaTech]


  1. zosh says:

    Warning: Turn down the volume before starting the video. They have a firm grip on the visuals, on the audio levels … not so much.

  2. gjop says:

    4 nerds staring at LEDs, what a sad sight.

  3. Mustakari says:

    Well done! I like this little project (apart from breadboard inside enclosure and use of arduino of course)

  4. h3ll0_w0rld says:

    Generic rant about why Arduinos suck here.

    Now I feel the urge to go buy 8 thousand LEDs to make my own similar project..

  5. fhunter says:

    Wow! Machinae supremacy! (re: soundtrack) :)

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