12 Hours of Hacking

arrow-down-rightIf you’re better working under a deadline you should be at your best RIGHT NOW. That timer is counting down the last 12 hours to enter The Hackaday Prize.


  1. ganzuul says:

    Faster kittycomp! Render! Render! Render!

    BTW I’m making my video 2:01 long. :P

  2. dan says:

    Well this at least has kicked me enough to actually make the entry video instead of keep putting it off…

  3. gregkennedy says:

    I made it. Is a 2:22 video OK? It’s marginally funny to compensate.


  4. Black arrow with white matte multiplied into an 8-bit PNG on a dark dark grey background? Consider inverting?

  5. Miroslav says:

    I’m in too. Comment about procrastination ninja got me :) http://hackaday.io/project/2616-V-plotter-and-pyrography-machine

  6. lmn says:

    So, what about the results? Numer of participants, etc.?

  7. Johnny says:

    I don’t have a camera. Am I screwed now?

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