Speedy Drinkmaker Keeps Party Guests Hydrated

After five weekends of work, [Alex] completed his automatic drink maker, the RumBot. What makes this automated bartender different from others is the fact that it is fast. VERY fast. It can serve drinks to five different locations in as little as 3 seconds per drink. By [Alex]’s estimation, this could keep a party of 100 people going without anyone waiting on a drink.

The RumBot can make either of five pre-programmed drinks at varying levels of alcoholic intensity, ranging from 1 (“Virgin”) to 10. And for that extra push over the cliff, you can turn the knob to 11 (“Problem”).

Drink selection itself is handled by a simple digital I/O on an Arduino with a 1950s-styled user interface. The frame is built out of wood and uses 3D Printed plastic parts. It houses a very robust servo on a belt screw-driven stage to move the drink nozzle, and special sensors placed at either of the five drink locations detect a cup ready to be filled. Any cup placed at any of the positions will automatically be filled based on the RumBot’s settings at any particular time.

Based on the quality of the build and the increased speed of this automatic drink maker, this should be a huge hit at any party. With all the knobs turned to 11 though, it might be a good idea to have a breathalyzer on hand! All of the code and schematics for the project are available at the project site as well.

23 thoughts on “Speedy Drinkmaker Keeps Party Guests Hydrated

  1. that is pretty awesome! …until some drunk-o decided to stick a half full glass under it. Maybe a scale or determining circuitry to determine how much to pour? Also I am curious, does each station serve the same drink or are they five different drinks?

  2. I like it! I like the cheesy video, the idea, the build, etc. Are there commercial drink dispensers like this? I think it’s a bit much to have in petrol stations, but at corporate canteens, party supplies rentals, etc.?

  3. Always have the option to go to 11. If you stop at 10, where can you go from there? Where? Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? Put it up to eleven.

    1. Setting 11, I.E. “Problem” is labeled correctly. It is 3 ounces of pure “nitro”. We unleashed it at the unveiling party last Friday night. It was a hit! While not intended as a retail product (more of a software/design project), we have had a lot of interested “parties”. Thanks to all for the favorable reviews.

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