Minipov: An Inexpensive Persistence Of Vision Toy


a couple years ago i made a pair of shoes that spelled words in the air as you walked, the cost was a little high for mass production, but now it’s looking like i can do this on the cheap

9 thoughts on “Minipov: An Inexpensive Persistence Of Vision Toy

  1. okay, most of us have seen those tire valve caps with LEDs on them, that give a neat effect when the wheels are spinning…. now, if you could find a way to put one of these babies onto the wheels of your car…

  2. this may be a stupid question, but could i program an 18f2550 pic to do this? i am getting a couple in the mail tomorrow, and was wondering if i could use them for this, if you couldn’t tell, im VERY new to electronics and was looking for a simple project to get me started.

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