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this “hack” is making the rounds, so i wanted to get it up here. with usb drives getting smaller and cheaper, there’s pretty much no end to where you could potentially put them. in this example, a pez dispenser. i’m pretty sure companies like pez may even be offering up these of their own soon with content on the drives along with that sweet sweet candy. post up other weird things that can or have been used a usb drive

10 thoughts on “Usb Pez

  1. good: when going through physical security item is not examined carefully.

    bad: may attract unwanted attention when guard goes into pez flashbacks and tries to flip it open.

    compromise: keep an identical one that is really a pez dispenser so that it is constantly checked until you notice guards get used to it then swap it. – You got to love humans being the creatures of habit they are!

    – Israel Torres

  2. people hide bombs in shoes, money, credit cards, socks, so why shouldnt we put a usb thumbdrive in your shoe and if someone is asking why is your shoe against there computer you can just say you were tieing your shoe :)

  3. I had a friend in HS (I’m sure everyone’s got one) that used to take a look at anything and everything and pronounce “hey, I betcha I could make a bong out of that.” Well, USB drives are the new bong: you can make them (or in this case integrate them into) just about anything. The only really bitchin’ one I’ve seen is a guy I met at the local sci-fi con (RadCon, Pasco, Washington, February every year) this last year who had a USB drive he’d hinged into his leatherman. Things of that ilk are pretty common these days, but it was cool to see a DYI job done that way.

  4. That’s all well and good, but has anyone ever made a real usb pez despenser? I mean, a pez dispenser that is powered and operated by a USB port?
    I’ve seen someone who modded a cigerette lighter into thier computer, so why not a candy or breathmint dispenser?

  5. I saw a rubber ducky usb drive…mayube on thinkgeek. i love the usb watch, but mine doesnt work anymore ;_;.

    I also saw somewhere online this guy built a 2-port usb hub into a gundam model. They’re hollow snap together kits so it all worked out, the ports were the exhaust ports form the jet pack…real nice.

    and deaf….where’d you see that pencil mod? sounds crazy

  6. The regular flash usb does not have to that normal, It can come to any size… I was just looking around my room to see what can it be fit in… so i see “pencil” around it.. And it actual sound like lots of people carry the pencil at all the time.. so, Why not build something like that into a size of pencil and put it in the fake pencil.. Only only one thing’s How does the port fit? It must be a standard usb 2.0 size… It can make it bigger pencil on the top.. to make it look like a big eraser… ( would be funnier if it programming to format the hard drive or any data) … Anyway come see my site if you’re interesting something complex and lots of electronic & hack…(not mostly)


  7. ya i have thought of that. so its already an idea? ya maybe one of those wide pencils they use for sketching or for planning a house. i need one that is VERY inconspicous OR go through a metal detector. don’t ask me why. i just need one :) …

    oh and for that shoe idea: why not a REMOVEABLE usb drive in the shoe?!?

  8. -sigh-
    WHY A SHOE?? you’re going untie your shoe and put your shoe plug against to PC? or even KICK the PC and hopefully it plug away..

    Wait just a minute… I think putting the USB in the shoe might be it… You can use the spring behind the USB in shoe and while you’re sitting on the chair.. you can pick up your feet and aiming to the PC to plug without noticed … When the usb plug, then the wires release out of your shoe, so you dont have to keep your leg mustle at all the time, just plug and release the wire, then you can storage the information inside the USB… or even programming in usb to take information from another people computer if you’re a good aiming leg… lol …
    welp, keep on a good hack

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