Portable Firefox, Browser On A Usb Device

portable firefox, browser on a usb device

a few of ya’ll sent this in, and it’s handy enough that it deserves a post!

portable firefox is a fully functional package of firefox optimized for use on a usb key drive. it has some specially-selected optimizations to make it perform faster and extend the life of your usb key as well as a specialized launcher that will allow most of your favorite extensions to work as you switch computers.

21 thoughts on “Portable Firefox, Browser On A Usb Device

  1. Cool. This is why open source always wins. You could never do this with something like opera, since the source isn’t available.
    People never cease to amaze me with the clever mods and hacks they create.

  2. I’ve been using PFF for quite some time now. Though it has trouble with themes, I’ve got over 20 extensions successfully installed and usable on multiple machines. This is a great benefit when moving between my home machines and my *cough* locked down *cough* work machine. University students and internet cafe regulars would also benefit from this setup.

    Like slappy above, I’ve also looked into portable IM implementations, and I’m using my Trillian anywhere, too.


    There are tons of small, stand alone apps that can run from a USB drive, but Firefox is definitely my favorite.

  3. Cool. I’m definitely going to try this. while we’re on the topic – why are there two main mozilla type browsers? why is there a firefox and a thunderbird? I haven’t had time to look that up yet:)

  4. I’ve been using it since yesterday morning. Marcromedia and Adblock so far. Don’t need much else for a portable. (Where oh where is my movable tab extension?) Actually boots faster than stock firefox. Definitely on my future tookits.

  5. Finally a decent browser solution at work…

    Does anyone know how I would get Perl running from a USB key without needing to have any admin rights on the machine?
    Links, advice, etc…

  6. I’m using XMPlay as a portable audio player. For 340KB, it will play MP3s, Oggs, WAVs, and WMAs. ;)

    I’m also using AbiWord as my word processor. http://www.abisource.com/download/

    I know that portable OpenOffice is better (http://www.iomega-activedisk.com/servlet/moonshine/goto?page_url=/titles/title_detail.jsp&title_id=153), but I’m only using a 128MB flash disk, so the size does matter, and 20MB sure beats 60+MB.

  7. very great app, love it at school. i dont have anything against IE, just i fell in love with firefox so w/e. on to this. to svae myself a few mouseclicks, is there any way to make a shortcut that points to a file, but the drive letter can change? since the letter is different for removeable media home and at school

  8. i tried that at my school, the shortcut link didnt work so i had to open it in the way its says not to, by using the actual program file, it created something on my network space at school but, alas, didnt work :( well, the application opened but it was as though there was no connection to the internet whatsoever. but i found out that the school had a certain firewall or something that prevented applications from accessing the internet unles the technitions let it access the net.

  9. why use Firefox anyway, when you already have a browser called IE on Windows……I keep hearing about the security problems with it but I havent had any trouble, just gotta know how to protect yourself using spyware, and antivirus programs

  10. broken link.

    quote: why use Firefox anyway, when you already have a browser called IE on Windows

    firefox is used on a lesser scale which is not an attraction to hackers. Also it is alot more secure… example: no active x support

  11. at school, firefox is a hidden file. (This is on xp) i go to my computer and press ‘Control+F’ then a help file pops up and then i write ‘firefox.exe’ in all files and folders. lolz :P

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