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  1. Do you know of a hack to make the DS wifi range longer, and if you do, can you give me a step by step walkthrough for it via e-mail? I would really appreciate it!

  2. Net stumbler has a little talk about it (http://www.netstumbler.org/archive/index.php/t-13406.html) . But I have only seen a DS wifi dongle hack done in a magazene here in Japan. The way they did it was to take appart the top part of the DS. There is a board with the antenna etched into it. What they did was cut the leads and soldered a pigtail connector to it, drilled a hole into the side of the housing, and hotglued the connecter that it can be connected to from the outside. They said that they where able to get a connection with two modded DS’s at 1km appart using high gain wifi antennas.

  3. I want to know how you can expand the picto chate on my DS. Can you please send me some step by step walkthrough for it via e-mail. thank you

  4. You morons! You can’t make a software hack that expands beyond what the hardware can do! Quit asking dumb dipshit questions! What Rounin posted should already be a clue to you morons that this is well beyond your leagues!

  5. yo, all you strange people who want all those various hacks for your DS,

    theres a little thing i’d like to introduce you to. it’s called GOOGLE. http://www.google.com

    lazy s0b s

    i’ve done alot of ‘what can i do with my ds hack-wise’ searches for a while. i’ve so far found, so far, everything and i mean EVERYTHING is in its beta and early stages. this includes hacking the wifi on it (for tunneling and so forth) DS flash cards (for playing illegal roms (naughty naiughty people ..) and homebrew aps). there is no way of hacking your ds for a webbrowser or anything as of yet but some people who are developing a windows port for the ds will be making that eventually.. also, witht he power of linux on your ds, you could use that also to do that i’m guessing. just be patient and have some faith.

    And use google… SHEESH!

  6. there “could” be a way to make your wifi have a better range, but it would require more power for the transmitter/receiver. i saw somewhere that there was a mod for internet access on it, but i cant find the link now. also, why did nintendo create such a great product, but not use it to its full potential? most of the games going on it look like low-grade GBA titles. right now im trying to figure out a way for my home wifi to pick up my DS’s signal, but i guess i hafta make drivers for it. i have no time to do this, now that school is starting, and nor do i think it can read every wifi. im guessing it can read specific brands of wifi, much like the xbox can read specific brands of CDs. this is as far as i’ve come XD

  7. I found out this morning that there r only 2 games supported right now with wifi-through ur house router: Mario Kart, and some TonyHawk title. Animal crossing will be too when it comes out, (idk if its out allready). I was sad to discover this considering i have Advance Wars DS. :^(

  8. ive been lookin at a few things around the net.
    and was woundering if n e 1 could back up my idea.the wife on the nds range could be boosted with a some kinda a snigle boooster.this might give you a little extra range.but ive been thinkin of trying my own little hack with a usb gps reciver used for laptops.there very cheep an scan up to 20 satalits at a time around the world.there a hack for the gba where ya can turn it into a gps devive.so im woundering if you could use the same reciver to boost the wifi.it proble wouldant work as the satalites only pick up gps singles,but who knows.
    n e 1 out there have n e thoughts on this idea?

  9. i just read sumwhere that a guy riged up a old tv satlite dish to his laptops wifi out put and was able to pick up singles over a 125 miles.if thats the case then i dont see y ya cant use some other small satlite thingy with the ds to make the range go for miles.its ok havin hot spots but wouldant it be kool if ya could be any where at n e time an coneect to the net.n e 1 got n e ideas how this could be made possable???

  10. …Jesus people learn to spell!

    And please stop asking for instructions on how to hack before you GET hacked and your hard drive gets formatted :)

    Have a nice day
    You’ve just been K2UNCH1T1Z3D

  11. ok all you people who want to mod your antenna, listen to this. you open your top screen assembly, pull off the light green circuit board, put solder on the 2 copper contact points on it, connect a piece of antenna wire to each one, connect the other end of each antenna wire to a piece of metal, put each piece of metal in the upper corners of the top screen assy. just like a laptop wifi antenna. (note, you may create a shiny silver (or blue) nintendo brand brick if you mess up)

  12. Can anyone please tell me how to bypass WEP security with my NDS or basicly hack any router through my DS. I have searched everywhere, no one seems to know how.

  13. Look, if you can understand what I am saying then you might have a fleeting chance. $0 Ph4R 4LL 1 (4|\| 533 15 7|-|@ 7|-|3R3 r 4 bU|\|(|-| 0Ph |\|00B5 \/\/4|\|7’|\| 70 Ph UP 4 d3(3|\|7 p13(3 0Ph |\|1|\|73|\|D0 73(|-||\|0L09’/. 3>

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