Microwave Oven Foundry

microwave oven foundry

microwave oven + metal = fun

our pal barb dybwad from the unofficial apple weblog sent us this link.   (Editor from the far future: try the Wayback Machine).  david reid discusses a cheap and easy method for melting and casting metals in a common microwave.  apparently, this method requires only very minor modifications to the oven and is able to reach temperatures of around 1000 degrees celcius, thereby melting small amounts of cast iron.  i find this amazing since i still can’t figure out how to thaw the center of a frozen burrito of similar external temperature.  it looks like there is still some hacking to be done to find a process capable of melting steel, so i’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader.

when you are done making pewter army men, you may also want to check out the detailed photos of barb’s new mac mini.  lucky!

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