Embedded Linux Billy Bass

linux billy bass
if you haven’t seen this project before, it’s well worth a look.  the author shows us how to control billy from a pc104 embedded pc running linux.  included is an introduction into using open source tools for creating audio transcriptions, which can then be used to make billy lip-sync to custom audio clips.

the software controls the bass via the pc’s parallel port.  if you are interested in doing something like this, you might also want to check out the article we recently posted on controlling an r/c car from your parallel port.

toy hacks and controlling devices from your pc are really great topics.  i’d love to see more hacks like this.  make sure to send in your tips!

4 thoughts on “Embedded Linux Billy Bass

  1. I did this a few years back, but could never get the software to work right. Trying again today, I can’t even get the QPThreads library to compile. (The documentation says it can be compiled under EGCS-1.1.2 with GLIBC-2.1, that’s a 6 year old compiler)

    If anyone could update the source to work in modern build environments, that would be great.

  2. The site is almost 4 years old, but if anyone does have spare time on their hands and wants to finish off the authors original intentions (add a usb camera and microphone and use for video conferencing), THAT would be seriously sweet.

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