Wooden Laptop

wooden laptop

i’ve got an old dell laptop that’s having _lots_ of problems, so i’ve been waiting for some real inspiration (inspironation?) to tear the thing apart.

as luck would have it, the other day i got a message from asbesto, who told me about a wooden laptop that he made:

Here is my laptop: the “legnatile”; I replaced the plastic shell with a wooden one; it took about 4 months of work, and now it’s lighter than the original plastic shell. A unique piece, ultimate frontier of case modding, joint of natural wood and leather, with high technology. Inspired by “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson

40 thoughts on “Wooden Laptop

  1. Looks really cool. The comments on the photo page are hilariously cool. I wonder if he will release the schematics and building design notes. I’m curious how he got the small side pieces to line up and support such weight. And do was it glued? What about heat issues. Verrry interesting.

    /me checks ebay

  2. About a week ago the power supply on my Dell actually caught fire! I wasn’t aware of the recall, so I am going to contact Dell today and see if I can get a replacement. Thankyou.

    I have also experienced every item on your laundry list of Dell complaints. It’s so nice to know I am not alone!

    Now, to mod the case a little . .

  3. THIS THING IS UGLY AS SHIT. now with that said. good mod. i like wood. i love wood, i am a wood worker. i work in a woodshop. so i think i know my shit enough to say that this guy didnt do the project enough justice. messy lines, bad joinery, bad finish. yuck. but still, a bad ass hack.

  4. ehhhhhheeee?
    am i missing something, but this looks kinda gay,
    if your gona spend 4 months building a small wooded box do it properly, it looks like it needs a good sanding down, put down the ‘dog and bone’ and get some sand paper….
    just my 2 (euro) cents!

  5. I really hate to sound harsh, but I have to agree with #11. The level of craftmanship on this mod is a little on the low side.

    #12-Recycled wood is no excuse for bad joinery.

  6. I have a g3 laptop, and had a pc and I thought of doing this hack before, but my only fear was the heat situation. I’m curious if anyone knows whether the heat situation would be something to fear, or of ways to prevent it from becoming a problem.

  7. i’ve been tinkering with the “shock resistant” laptop design with a spring and rubber case, and reinforced internal brackets. so far it can survive a foot drop from any angle, but i’m hoping for a “drop-it-down-the-stairs-and-it-still-plays-diablo” version soon!

  8. I’m running a Dell laptop right now! It’s my girl’s old one, got about a year and a half on it now….she spilled tea on it, fried the keyboard….I almost bought a replacement until I hooked up the USB keyboard and mouse….after a while, it started to overheat a little….nothing major, just once in every great while….So to avoid that, I took 2 80mm fans, clipped them together, side by side, and made a laptop cooler to sit where the keyboard was….took off the shield plate under the keyboard, sat the fans on top, and hooked them up to a power supply pulled from a Gateway desktop system….now, even after an hour under a full load, the heatsink and video card are cool to the touch, always!

  9. I did the untimate hack on my dead Inspiron 3800. The right side of the keyboard didnt work, the mouse wandered, the battery died and the screen had dark spots. So I took it apart, smashed the keyboard, desktryed the mouse pad, took a knife to the LCD, recycled the battery and now the motherboard is sitting in my closet somewhere, waiting for a nice place to put it.

  10. I bought a nice latitude CPi recently, all the problems you stated are apparent, but @ 400 mhz,(as a matter a fact, it’s pretty fast) 256mb RAM upgrade, and cd-rw drive it was a jaw dropper for $140 w/ 2nd day shipping! Now all I need to do is spray paint it & put LEDs everywhere… It will be the ultimate half-life(1) gaming machine!

  11. Cool idea I know it can be done but, but from the BLACK and WHITE photo it look like a fake done in photoshop. Perhaps more better pictures would convince us all. oh ya in colour too would be nice

  12. I guess I’m the only one who saw the Robin Williams movie “Final Cut”? In it, he has a couple machines made entirely of wood. One is a nonlinear video editing station sort of thing (he uses it to edit together memoirs out of peoples lives which were recorded by a chip implanted in them at birth) and he also has a laptop. The keyboard, everything is wood, and it is very well done.

    The movie itself is pretty good until the very last line of dialog which ruins the entire thing.

  13. good mod, its looks good. i have a question though. i am not out to make one is wood (like my plastic base for now), but i do need to change the cdrom drive with another. can u tell me how u removed ur and replaced it. i would greatly appreciate it if u could send me an email at

  14. I love the wooden laptop. Pure work of art. The antique look is classic. Lao-tzu might have even picked one up at the local CompUSA. Once you are finished with it, drop it in some sediment somewhere so it will fossilize and in a few centuries an archeologist will find it. It will confuse the heck out of them…computers made from organic materials–it must be alien. Awesome work!

    PS. I love the comments above, e.g.,

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