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betatester sent in a link to a sweet gba mod.  this looks really cool especially for folks like me who bought a gba before the sp came out.

This is a mod of all mods for the GameBoy Advance. Essentially converting it into a game console with an ability to attach a joystick, output video to a TV or an RGB monitor, and provide power management to get around wasting those batteries.

The result is amazing and breathes new life into your GBA, even if you only decide to do the joystick mod.

so there you go — power adapter, joystick, tv output — it’s like 3 sweet gba hacks in one!  i’m looking forward to trying this one out.

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Gameboy Advance Game Console

  1. cool hack, i guess. but doesnt this kill the protable nature of a gba anyway? i mean, pretty much any one of those hacks pretty much will turn it into a console…pointless, yet obviously someone did it…i guess that defines a hack, somewhat ;p

    Or maybe i’m just ranting because i bought an SP ;)

  2. I think this site needs to put the deffination of Hack on the main page…just to show everyone who says “how is this a hack or this is sortive a hack” or any of that junk. Hack: the manipulation of software/hardware to gain classified information, the manipulation of software/hardware in a way nonintended for its use.

  3. it doesn’t completely defeat the purpose of a portable, you can still use it as a portable if you want but if all you’re going to do is sit in your living room playing your gameboy why not hook it into a TV and add a nice controller.

    Not something I would personally do, but still cool none the less.

  4. Keep the GBA and GBA SP hacks rolling in please!
    This stuff is great!

    Another killer GBA hack, well done!

    It does look well, kinda Borg-like, but I’m not holding that against it, no sir.
    That’s the good stuff right there! :)

  5. Is it also possible to use the gba as second display for my computer? with AV, (on the s-video). i know you can buy special adapters but,, i wanna make it myself.

    and then, another question.
    how much does a GBA use in: voltage, mA

  6. interesting, yet it looks ungodly ugly in my opinion, why use the gba as your second display for your computer when they are using a psone lcd for the monitor for the gba, there is already tutorials on the net for wiring up a psone lcd to a vga cable as a secondary monitor then tweaking it with power strip. just good “psone lcd mod” you’ll find it, as well it can easily enough with a dremel and a lil patience be modded directly into your computer tower.

  7. > Is it also possible to use the gba as second display for my computer? with AV, (on the s-video).

    Yes it is. You have to have this though: http://www.success-hk.com/pp/item_detail.asp?itemID={A0B3207F-0D21-4483-BE01-8C2AC2915E40}

    > how much does a GBA use in: voltage, mA
    The old GBA consumes 3V at around 300~350mA

    Ok. Well, now that I’ve answered that I’ll be putting up two more tutorials(hacks). Watch for them in the upcoming days. I’ll give you a hint, one involves Google and another makes it more portable.

  8. All u haters out there: Hacks aren’t limited to computers and hardware/software. after all, what are hacks other than Modifying a program or system? aren’t we builders of 300gb iPods and non-portable GBA’s MODIFYING them?

  9. im wondering if any one has a scematic of the GBA SP video output i have about 3 working logic boards but no gba displays i want to mount them in the headrest of my car with a 7 inch display but my eyes aint so good as to see and trace each wire down do find out what is the power and display output from logic board, then ill hid the board in the seat and use a old skool nintedo gamepad for play

  10. Hey hack fans, i got a question i just got a GBA today and ummm, can someone please contact me on the yahoo messenger ID : summoned_by_wish and tell me how exactly to do the external power supply hack. I got no ideea how to solder the 3 contacts to a plug in wich to easily insert a standard mobile phone adapter or sorta thing.

  11. i am working on a similar project,
    but i am stuck at the controller part of the mod.
    i added shoulder buttons (tactile switches) to an old hori famicom controller, and i plan to wire every button seperately from the gba’s button testpoints to those of the hori controller, and a single wire for common ground,
    i think i wired up everything correctly, but it doesn’t respond.
    can anyone tell me if my method is the way to go, and i just made a mistake in the wiring,
    or if i went about this all wrong to begin with?

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