Pocket Pc Phone Remote

pocket pc phone remote

griffen tech sells a program called total remote that lets you use your pda as a infrared remote.  for pdas without an ir port, it also comes with an audio-to-ir adapter that plugs into the headphone jack.

scotty-o’s pocket pc phone had an ir adapter, but he wanted less pathetic range and he didn’t want a silly ir adapter hanging out the side of his phone.  so he did what any self-respecting hacker would do: he took his phone apart, hard-wired the adapter circuitry to the phone’s audio output, and reassembled it all back into the original phone casing. nice!

10 thoughts on “Pocket Pc Phone Remote

  1. “couldnt he have just placed a lense on the ir leds to focus the ir signal more?”

    I don’t think that would’ve helped, since the ir port is already pretty highly focused (for transceiving signals from a PDA or laptop within about 3 inches of it). I might play with that thought some, though. I doubt you could focus it much more with a /small/ lense, but I bet my 3″ glass magnifier might have some impact on range. my Dell Axim X5 only has about 2 feet of range with most remote software.

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