Art Hack: Giant Rubick’s Cube

giant rubick's cube

since we are on the topic of rubick’s cube hacks, i would probably be derelict in my duties if i didn’t mention the manhattan sculpture that a crew of hackers briefly transformed into 512-cubic-feet of rubick’s goodness.

this one definately ranks right up there with the mit media lab srubbing bubbles.  art hacks are so incredible.  they have a subversive way of giving regular folks a brief look at life through hacker goggles.

16 thoughts on “Art Hack: Giant Rubick’s Cube

  1. I was walking through Astor Pl. last night, and I was shocked to discover that the cube is GONE! (Not the Rubik’s Cube, the big metal thing.) In its place is a spindly PVC cube outline. A search of local news sites revealed nothing.

  2. So this wasn’t a ‘hack’ at all, but maybe just a protective cover for moving the piece for repairs.
    Perhaps you were quick to claim fame for us ‘hackerz’.
    I think a bettre “art’ hack was when people were stealing SpongBob form BK.

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