Lego Rubick’s Cube Robot

lego rubick's cube solver

correct me if i’m wrong, but technology was supposed to make our lives easier, take care of us, make us dinner, raise our children, and, fulfill our every dream.

so what has technology done for you lately?  nothing?  well, my friend, today we have a hack that will change your life forever.  today sammo sent us a link to jp brown’s amazing rubick’s cube solving robot.

the final task on my big list of things to do can finally be crossed off.  life is good.

15 thoughts on “Lego Rubick’s Cube Robot

  1. This is a great creation.
    It isn’t solving the worlds problems, but it IS a clever and effective way to solve a particular problem.

    All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

  2. this could replace allot of government jobs !
    need to make one that watches paint dry and
    a random dumb law generator $-)
    a mp3 player that can sit for long periods and
    say take a number ! would save millions .
    ( would have to be fat, ugly and know it has
    complete control of your time for the next
    2 hours )

  3. while this is cool, it’s a bit dated, the algorithm it’s using to solve it has been open source for a number of years, and I saw a robot just like this (it was made out of k’nex, instead of legos) at a technology competition a few years ago.

    good job though.

  4. wow nice but is that even a hack I or anyother would like to do ? things are going slow and are getting just Wow useless. Come on guys come up with more usefull stuff. I know it’s not easy but come on! @ least start posing the links again

  5. If I can trust my memory, I’ve already seen a rubick’s cube solving robot two years ago at the Chaos Communication Camp in Berlin. So no big news. Good on ya for spending time building it though, it’s great what possibilities lie in Lego Mindstorms.

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