Make A Turntable Out Of An Old Mouse

Turntable Mouse

Ever wanted to get your DJ on but you just couldn’t bring yourself to get away from your pc for more than 5 minutes? Of course you have. That’s why a guy named Alex went and took apart an old school mouse and a turntable and made them into a very interesting combination. Along with some special software, you can use the axis’ of your mouse-turntable combination to actually scratch in realtime. Kind of like the poor man’s Final Scratch. It’s definetly a very unique concept that would be really interesting to try.

Oh yeah. And the turntable is Windows 95 compatible (thanks anigan!)

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Hackaday Links


links. not the linux browser, but the awesome webnet kind

sometimes the best things can be sweet and simple

altoids tin battery? sweet brah! but an altoids tin optical mouse is wicked too.

it’s about time we got throwaway e-mail addresses for spam

visually compare yahoo! and google searches [BroccoliofDoom]
wikipedia on CD or DVD is wicked
view flash source code
robotic suits are on the market, where’s yours?
help get a psp netstumbler get goin [DUBAYOU]

and you think you’re such a tough hacker eh? well then enter the PSP and Nintendo DS hacking contest and win some prizes.

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