Make A Turntable Out Of An Old Mouse

Turntable Mouse

Ever wanted to get your DJ on but you just couldn’t bring yourself to get away from your pc for more than 5 minutes? Of course you have. That’s why a guy named Alex went and took apart an old school mouse and a turntable and made them into a very interesting combination. Along with some special software, you can use the axis’ of your mouse-turntable combination to actually scratch in realtime. Kind of like the poor man’s Final Scratch. It’s definetly a very unique concept that would be really interesting to try.

Oh yeah. And the turntable is Windows 95 compatible (thanks anigan!)

10 thoughts on “Make A Turntable Out Of An Old Mouse

  1. Not a very interesting hack, all it does is move the mouse pointer up and down when you scratch the record.

    And then its only useful with terminatorX which is a Linux program…

  2. Kevin P. showed this on thescreensavers. he taped a pen to an optical mouse and slid a cd over it; it worked pretty well,looked like fun. also, i don’t see you n00bs hacking anything. and just d/l linux, its free.

  3. Heh, hate to sound like I’m stealing someone else’s idea, but I’d thought of something similar a few years back too. Big difference for me was that I was thinking I’d need to find a much more expensive sensor to do it. I only needed to see the title for this hack, and I almost cried, that I hadn’t thought of using a mouse :/

  4. I made something like this a few years back, but i used the scroll wheel and video editting software to so i could VJ better, i could use any program by just selecting the song/movie progress bar and scrolling, virtualdub and a data projector kept me happy making fluffy TV icons talk about how there going to kill you in your sleep. but that was me

  5. is agood website but website and tv show beats to the punch. I have known about some of the hacks (like the turntable hack)from way before they were ever introduced to My point is I if I have already seen it on TheScreenSavers then why do I need to see it on Hackaday unless it’s a refrence to TheScreenSavers website? Is this why I havint seen any refrinces to from the Screensavers show except one time beacuse Hackaday does not give credit where credit is do? (yes that was a quesion beacuse Im not sure EXACTLY how information is found or decided on) but it does apear to be that kind of situation.
    Again is a good site keep it up!


  6. the screensavers just steal all their hacks from online and on the show they dont even give the original URL, they just show a quick shot of the site; sometimes they even leave out all credit like when they stole afromans ( idea for a “overclocked electric toothbrush”. he never made the toothbrush but they took the idea and just added some more batteries to one (just adds more volts). It wasn’t meant to be a serious thing but they could have at least not tried passing it as a product of their own creativity. And in case you havent noticed, hackaday has more hacks more frequently and more complicated ones plus the original ones from the hackaday bloggers. The only thing i cold think of for making this site cooler would be making a hackaday forum, that’d be awesome.

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