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  1. Excellent, I was re-reading the Coke machine howto earlier today (on my GP32, as it’s less conspicuous than holding up printed sheets at a coke machine) and wondered if there’d ever be a follow-up.

    I’ll probably add this to my GP32 too, you never know when the debug menu is going to be unlocked.

  2. My best friend works for a vending machine co. and I asked him about this hack. He said that the buttons are in a numbered pattern which everyone knows. But he told me what they meant. Button 1 is back, 2’s up, 3’s down, and 4 is enter. He also said that the door has to be open before you can enter the code. He also verified that the 4 2 3 1 code was almost correct it’s 4 2 3 1 4, 4 being enter, 2 3 1 is the password and then followed by 4 enter.

  3. My friend and I tried this and we got a free coke. He entered it but after the code hit 8 and got him to the money menu. He entered 4 quarters and changed it then put in the quarters and got free pop

  4. In response to Stillmilk, B.S. The number 8 button has no meaning to the navigation system. There is no “money menu” in the coke menu system, and the only way for you to have been in the navigation system is 1) for the door to be open, in which case just get the drink directly, or 2) the door switch has to be disconnected, in which case you only have a short time to get into the menu before it timed out. I have been in the vending repair field for 10 yrs.

  5. i was messing with one of those pepsi machings with the big buttons. i pressed the top left and the one to the right of it at the same time and the display said free. from there i have no clue since i didnt get any free. i just thought it might help some one or some one could enlighten me on anything.

  6. I have been researching the pepsi and coke machine hacks for quite some time now and I have come to the conclusion that every machine is to secure, and also there is no vend option in sale like everyone says. There is only sl 12. sl 11, sl 10, sl 9, and ect. People says that there is supposed to be a CYS ( choose your selection ) option. If anyone should find out I am rapmastrcj@yahoo.com. Thanks

  7. i tried this hack and stuff but there is a trick to this…unless u can get to the “”CPO””” section or the PriC section and press 4 u cant do anything else to get a free beverage…there is another option to get to the back of the machine and switch the “C” commands.

  8. ya…um i tries this but…ya how the hell would this rk anyway…i know tht SUM machines have CPO and PriC put only few…im gonna try it @ Publix™ and report bck to this and then see if it wrks

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