Remote Controlled Orb

Check out this wet and wild spring break story. Actually, Nate True spent his break hacking a tap light to make it emulate an Ambient Orb. It is wireless and you have full control over the color. You could have it indicate almost anything: new mail, rss feed activity, cpu temperature.  It isn’t a perfect copy of the orb: it is $100 dollars cheaper and you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. I guess that just means you’ll have more money left over to throw at other executoys, or you could save it and take a real trip next year.

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Hackaday Links


though we may be hackers in one way or another, we still must think of the ones who put us here..
…so, a huge happy mother’s day to all and go spend time with your mother or at the very least, call them up and let them know that my birthday is friday how much you love them!

now that the links are off the grill and onto your plate, let’s see if you can stomach the fact that google probably got hacked, but they claim it was a DNS error (read: something bad happened)

this has to be one of the best things yet. remember that talking parrot at the toy store you’d always go up to and whisper some expletive in it’s ear? well now you can make it gawk away from the web.
props to [marshall]

it keeps getting better with the suitcase pc [joe]
pizza has hit an alltime low/high. you decide. [barbobot]
can’t go wrong with some old school NES on a PSX [elg0nz]
hax0r your psp save images (best screenshot ever too <3) [Tiimo] (thanks for the linkage)
who thought a worm could be responsible for 5% of all e-mail out there

and we end this mother’s day with what else: another exploit found in Mozilla browsers.

hot links tomorrow and by looking at the weather for this week, we might be in for some very lazy afternoons.

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